Summer With Yves Rocher.

As I type this, the clouds are grey and the sky is gloomy, but just yesterday I was enjoying the sun and reading in the garden! Anyway, Yves Rocher are here to save the day and keep it sunny every day with their products perfect for this time of year. If you're new to Yves Rocher as a brand, they are the number one skincare and cosmetics brand in France and they're working their magic on us Brits too. So, without further ado let's see what products they have to offer for us this summer! Better still, all of these products are reduced to almost half price. 

This was the product I was most excited about - it screams summer! I've always wanted a dry oil as I think the packaging looks luxurious and high end and of course gives a gorgeous summer scent. The dry oil itself is packed full of shimmering pigments to apply straight onto your skin. It catches the light perfectly, and illuminates the skin leaving you with a subtle shimmer. It's perfect for enhancing a tan - whether you manage to catch a real one or have to fake it like I do! I think the bottle itself would be a little easier to apply if it was a spray, but that's the only thing i would change about the oil. I also love the cute packaging, with it's daisies and full of the shimmering oil, it's the perfect companion for any sunny day. Psst, it's even half price! 

Eek, just look at the cute tropical packaging! Just looking at this makes me feel ready for summer and long for a beach! The Lagoon body wash is perfect for using at home or taking on your holidays. Just like the body oil, the Lagoon wash is enriched with Monoi de Tahiti to let you dream of tropical days. It has a lovely scent, lathers up perfectly (just what I like!) and gets me squeaky clean.

Now, I'm always a bit fussy when it comes to my shampoo. Some shampoos can leave me looking like I hadn't even bothered to wash it, so I do tend to stay clear from creamier formulas. However, I was of course willing to give this a good go. The cleansing cream is designed to be a lighter version of shampoo with no sulphates, silicon and paraben. Being  a cream, it didn't lather up so I found it hard to blend through my hair at first, but when i rinsed it out I could feel how soft my hair was already. After drying, I hadn't quite got the very squeaky clean feel I love, so i just don't think the cleansing cream worked right for me - but that's nothing to say it won't work wonders for you! 

Last but not least, it's the most intriguing of the bunch -a vinegar for your hair! I'm all for vinegar on my chips, but on my hair?! That's definitely a first. So, here we have the rinsing raspberry vinegar to give added shine and vitality to your hair and to remove any build up. The first thing you'll notice when you open it, is just how divine it smells. It's such a strong, sweet smell of raspberries - it's gorgeous! You also get a lot of product for your money as you only need to use a few tiny drops. It has an applicator and all you need to do is squeeze a few drops on before the last rinse of your shower. I was really happy with this and think it gave me a little extra shine and thanks to the stunning scent, I'll be using it again! 

Would you like to try anything from Yves Rocher?
*PR Samples.

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We All Scream For Ice Cream


You don't need me to tell you that the sun has had its hat on recently - yay! It's been so nice to see the sun shining and be able to wear lighter spring clothes - I've got my eye on lots of new clothes perfect for the weather. With the sun in mind, what better time than to kick back my blog with a post all about ice cream?! In my eyes, you can't beat a classic Mr Whippy with a flake but my mum and sister would argue that Joes Ice Cream in Mumbles beats that anyday! I hope you like my ice cream wishlist and to top it off I thought I'd finish with some pictures of ice cream!

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Spring & Summer Beauty.


Update: Firstly, I'd like to explain why you've barely seen any posts from me lately. I was hit with an almost three week bout of good old bloggers block and my love for blogging was well and truly out the window - I couldn't even bring myself to read other people's posts which I always love doing - luckily I think I'm back to my usual self and I want to get working on some posts again. I've started a new job where I work long hours, so I'm going to aim for 2-3 posts a week from now on (and if it buds up, then great!)

So, let's talk about spring and summer beauty. The weather in Wales is brightening up and the sun is finally beginning to shine, although we'll soon see how long that lasts! To be honest, when it comes to beauty products I do tend to stick to the same products and can even be rebellious by daring to wear pastel nails in winter and darker shades in summer! However, i do love to see brighter products such as these gorgeous Elegant Touch 'Copacabana' nails - perfect for brightening up your days. I've really been loving Benefit's Watt's Up highlighter - its really easy to glide on just above my cheekbones and it gives a lovely subtle shimmer without being too harsh. DKNY have recently released their new Delicious Delights range of perfumes which i tried in Boots and can safely say they are all as gorgeous as each other! They are the perfect for spring and summer days. 

Do you change any products up for the warmer months? x

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Themed Wishlist #26: Flamingoes.

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Allure Magazine: Worth A Read?


If you haven't heard of Allure magazine before, let me explain a little bit about it to you. You may have spotted it under a beauty bloggers arm or desk as the essential beauty accessory. Allure is a magazine focused solely on beauty. The only bad news? It's an American magazine and I would love to see our very own UK versions! So, onto the magazine itself - just why should you splash out on Allure? 

Released each month, Allure is jam packed with good quality articles, high fashion and beauty adverts, reviews, tips and tricks, interviews and generally everything you need to know about beauty. One of my favourite things about Allure is seeing as it's American, you can get to see lots of beauty products that will soon be making their way over to us. It's like a sneak peek for any makeup fan! Each month the magazine is graced with a top celebrity including stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Kendall Jenner, Lauren Conrad and Penelope Cruz to name a few. IF you haven't given Allure a go, i really recommend just trying it once to see if you enjoy it and I'll bet you'll be back for more! I was lucky enough to receive one issue of Allure for the purpose of this post, but it's already a monthly magazine that I treat myself to. It is a bit of a treat as it's £4.80 an issue and I either pick it up in WHSmith or I order it from Unique Magazines

Do you read Allure? x 
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