Allure Magazine: Worth A Read?


If you haven't heard of Allure magazine before, let me explain a little bit about it to you. You may have spotted it under a beauty bloggers arm or desk as the essential beauty accessory. Allure is a magazine focused solely on beauty. The only bad news? It's an American magazine and I would love to see our very own UK versions! So, onto the magazine itself - just why should you splash out on Allure? 

Released each month, Allure is jam packed with good quality articles, high fashion and beauty adverts, reviews, tips and tricks, interviews and generally everything you need to know about beauty. One of my favourite things about Allure is seeing as it's American, you can get to see lots of beauty products that will soon be making their way over to us. It's like a sneak peek for any makeup fan! Each month the magazine is graced with a top celebrity including stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Kendall Jenner, Lauren Conrad and Penelope Cruz to name a few. IF you haven't given Allure a go, i really recommend just trying it once to see if you enjoy it and I'll bet you'll be back for more! I was lucky enough to receive one issue of Allure for the purpose of this post, but it's already a monthly magazine that I treat myself to. It is a bit of a treat as it's £4.80 an issue and I either pick it up in WHSmith or I order it from Unique Magazines

Do you read Allure? x 
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  1. I used to love this magazine when I lived in the Us and it is a fab magazine.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  2. I saw this in WHSmiths but I put it down as I didn't think it looked like it'd be worth it. I might try it next issue though.

    Loves! Kirstie
    Kimamely Beauty

  3. Ive never managed to find this magazine anywhere for sale x

    1. Hi beautyqueenuk,

      You can find it on the Unique Magazines page here: