Spring & Summer Beauty.


Update: Firstly, I'd like to explain why you've barely seen any posts from me lately. I was hit with an almost three week bout of good old bloggers block and my love for blogging was well and truly out the window - I couldn't even bring myself to read other people's posts which I always love doing - luckily I think I'm back to my usual self and I want to get working on some posts again. I've started a new job where I work long hours, so I'm going to aim for 2-3 posts a week from now on (and if it buds up, then great!)

So, let's talk about spring and summer beauty. The weather in Wales is brightening up and the sun is finally beginning to shine, although we'll soon see how long that lasts! To be honest, when it comes to beauty products I do tend to stick to the same products and can even be rebellious by daring to wear pastel nails in winter and darker shades in summer! However, i do love to see brighter products such as these gorgeous Elegant Touch 'Copacabana' nails - perfect for brightening up your days. I've really been loving Benefit's Watt's Up highlighter - its really easy to glide on just above my cheekbones and it gives a lovely subtle shimmer without being too harsh. DKNY have recently released their new Delicious Delights range of perfumes which i tried in Boots and can safely say they are all as gorgeous as each other! They are the perfect for spring and summer days. 

Do you change any products up for the warmer months? x

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  1. I am also wanting the new DKNY perfumes as I am a huge fan x

  2. I always wear less makeup for summer and go with floral patterns to wear =]


  3. I've been wanting to get one (or two) of the new Clinique Cheek Pops released for Spring/Summer but I keep getting distracted by other (makeup) things, lol. :-)

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