25 Blog Post Ideas for Christmas.


1) Your favourite Christmas films.
2) Christmas traditions- how you spend the day.
3) Decoration wishlist.
4) Christmas jumpers wishlists.
5) Gift guides for all the family.
6) Christmas nail art.
7) Party looks - outfit ideas.
8) Diaries for 2016.
9) Your wishes for 2016.
10) Christmas colouring books.
11) Beauty baubles.
12) Winter coats wishlist.
13) Winter warmers - hats, gloves, pyjamas.
14) Beauty advent calendars.
15) A look back at 2015.
16) Avoiding stress in the busy season.
17) 10 things to do this Christmas.
18) What I got for Christmas.
19) Christmas recipes.
20) Make your own Christmas decorations.
21) Get outside and take some wintry photos.
22) Your favourite Christmas songs.
23) The Christmas tag - find one or even start your own.
24) Tree decorations.
25) Take photos of your Christmas decor at home.

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Wishing for Winter Coats



This time of year is always my favourite. Everyone's getting excited for Halloween and Christmas and most importantly for me the colder weather is on its way. I know a lot of people will be gutted that the sun may soon be disappearing as the mornings get darker but the colder weather has always been something I prefer. I much prefer to wrap up warm in a pretty coat, scarf and boots over a little summer outfit. So, with that in mind I thought I'd put together a few coats that had caught my eye and I soon spotted a theme of faux fur coats. There's lots to choose from and I love them because they look so cosy but of course it's only faux fur and they're also subtle and not too in your face like some faux fur coats can be. I think my favourite has to be the bottom right and I'm very much considering buying it for this years winter coat! Also, hope you like my little specks of snow over the coats - I think it looks lovely and wintery!

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A Very Special Arrival.

Now, I know I've been quiet on the blogging front recently, but I'm afraid I didn't run off and have a baby, this little cutie unfortunately isn't mine. Instead, I've got the next best thing and I'm his doting auntie. I am very close to both my mum and sister, and on Friday 2nd October at 8.44pm, my sister gave it her all and my gorgeous nephew was born. I was so excited to see him and I had some lovely cuddles over the weekend with him. So far, he's been a very quiet baby except for in the night time as it seems he's not so keen on the dark yet! Fingers crossed my sister will have a quieter night soon. 

His name is Jacob and I thought I would write this post as I am so proud of him and have been showing photos to everyone possible - of course, he's the background of anything I can change; my laptop, my phone, my ipad - you name it!  

Welcome to the world Jacob! 

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