2016 Diaries - My Top Picks.


Yay, I wrote a blog post! I have no idea why my love for blogging keeps disappearing but today I've had some inspiration to write a post, so I got started as soon as I could before it runs off again - cross your fingers for me that it stays this time! Last year, I wrote a post to show lots of gorgeous diaries that I had found for the upcoming year, so I decided to do the same again as I love stationery. I'd quite happily own all of these diaries - I'm terrible for hoarding stationery. I've picked out my favourite diaries to keep you organised for 2016 and there's lots to choose from. My favourites are the stunning Disney schedules which actually come from Japan but I can assure you they're great quality but will just take a little while longer to get to you.  I also love the Roald Dahl diary, I love the classic illustrations. I hope you like my little hidden Christmas messages in the picture too.

Will you be buying a diary for 2016? x 

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  1. I love the Hello 2016! diary! I feel like it's really positive and would inspire me to really make most of the year!