My George Christmas Party Outfit

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When it comes to fashion, I'm always about the bargains. I'm always on the hunt for the latest sales, reductions and love keeping an eye on the 'new in' section of my favourite clothes websites. George has always been on my favourite stores as not only can you find great quality clothes and nightwear (I've bought some amazing Coca Cola ones for Christmas!) but everything is really affordable too. I also love their homeware and have just kitted out my bedroom in their vintage deer bedding with a gorgeous deer cushion. So, when I got the opportunity to collaborate with George to write a piece about Christmas parties and my #GeorgePartyTips, I wasn't going to turn it down. I was lucky enough to be able to choose an outfit ready for my Christmas do which is coming up very soon. 

 I decided to create a theme for myself of 'black and glitter'. Black is such a flattering colour and I love wearing it, but I also love my sparkles too so I thought I'd create the perfect balance. I opted for a black lace insert dress which was a steal at just £12. I love how it's stylish but also really comfortable too thanks to its skater shape - you can easily dress it up for your party night out or dress it down for a more casual lunch. With it being a black dress, I thought I'd team it up with some sparkles. Seeing as it's December now and there's a high chance of my legs being freezing cold if exposed, I chose these lovely sparkle tights not only to keep me warm but to give a subtle shimmer to the outfit. Us girls need our mobile phones, purse and lipsticks on us when we head out so I chose a stunnig cross body glitter box bag. It's just the right size to pop the essentials in and the glitter catches the light perfectly. Lastly, no outfit is complete without the shoes so continuing with my glitter theme, I opted for a cute pair of black glitter court shoes. Now that the outfit's all ready to go, here are my tips for surviving the work Christmas party!

*Choose a comfy outfit. Ok, I know those new heels look stunning, but can you really walk in them? Will you be hobbling around barefoot after just an hour of dancing? 

*Hide away if you need to! I can sometimes feel a bit anxious when surrounded by lots of people, so if things get a bit too loud for you, take a second to pop outside for some fresh air before heading back in.

*Go glam with your makeup. It's Christmas so it's the perfect time to feel glamorous in your new outfit so don't forget to go to town with your makeup and nails too to make you feel extra good about yourself. 

*If it's a works do - try not to go too wild on the alcohol! Let your hair down by all means but it might be best not to be throwing up infront of your boss - unless they're party animals too and are too busy trying to walk straight to be noticing what you're up to! 

Enjoy! PS - I'm hoping to get more blog posts up soon! x 
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