My Favourite Harry Potter Quotes & Memories.


Reading Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone for the first time. 
Remember the days where you'd write 'This book belongs to ...' and then 'x years old' on the inside page of your books?! I definately did this in my first ever Harry Potter book. The Philisopher's Stone was first published in 1997 when I was just four years old - wow! I think I received my first book when I was around 10/11 and me and my sister would both be reading at the same time. We used to spend every Friday night at my nana's house and at the end of the night, I'd be tucked up and catching up on the next chapter of The Philisopher's Stone before I then made my way through the whole series over the following years. This is where my whole love of Harry Potter began, losing myself in the magic of the books before being able to watch it all be played out even more magically on the big screen. The Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone film was released in 2001 and I used to watch it in my Dad's house every time I stayed over on a Saturday night. I honestly know most of it off by heart! So, here are some of my favourite film moments and quotes.

Welcome to the Burrow.
"It's not much, but it's home." I feel this is such an important quote here as we all know there's no place like home. The Weasley's never had much money but they had what was more important - each other, which is why I think Harry was so in awe of the Burrow when he first visited in The Chamber of Secrets. It was so homely what with Molly cooking sizzling sausages, it's several crooked stories, the owls delivering letters and Arthur questioning the function of a rubber duck. 

The start of term feast/Sorting Hat.
Who could forget this first time we ever saw the Great Hall in all it's glory? The amazing ceiling made to look like the sky, candlelights, laughter, the long tables filled with endless amounts of delicious food, Harry surrounded with his friends at the Gryffindor table - it was the perfect scene. It's also a favourite moment of mine when a nervous Harry meets the Sorting Hat whilst muttering 'Not Slytherin, not Slytherin'.

Hermione at the Yule Ball.
After watching Hermione grow up over the years, it was lovely to see her looking radiant and stunning in The Goblet Of Fire as she stepped out for her date with Victor Krum at The Yule Tide ball. Hermione danced with Victor, whilst a very grumpy and secretly jealous Ron looked on.

Harry blows up Aunt Marge.
Poor Harry, as if living with the Dursley's wasn't bad enough, he soon gets lumbered with a visit from the insufferable Aunt Marge. After Harry hears one too many insults, he finally lose control of his magic resulting in Marge growing larger and larger, before floating off into the sky with a desperate Uncle Vernon screeching after her as he tries to catch her feet.

A few of my favourite quotes:
Albus Dumbledore: "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."
Hagrid: "You're a wizard, Harry".
Hermione Granger: " Now if you two don't mind, I'm going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed - or worse, expelled. (With Ron's reply of: "She needs to sort out her priorities").
Albus Dumbledore: "Of course it's happening inside your head Harry, but why on earth should that mean it's not real?"
Harry Potter: "I solemnly swear I am up to no good".
Albus Dumbledore: "Do not pity the dead Harry, pity the living, and above all, those who live without love."
Luna Lovegood: "Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way expect."

There are so many more memories and moments to discuss, so let me know if you enjoyed this post and I'll write a Part Two! x

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