A Disney Wishlist


Another day and another Disney wishlist! There's plenty of new additions that have been added to the Disney Store lately along with lots of other websites such as Truffle Shuffle, so I decided to round up some of my favourite picks that I have found to share with you. If you're a lover of anything Disney like I am, chances are you'll pretty much want anything on the list - just like I do! I think my favourite of the bunch has to be the Disney Princess scrapbook - it's gorgeous and is decorated inside with Princess pages. It's aimed at 4 years old and over, but I say you're never too old for Disney! I also love the 100% princess mug, it's perfect for your desk at work! There's also a brand new Disney edition Monopoly - now, I do have a confession of the fact that I've never played Monopoly in my life but this set would definitely make me want to! 

What's on your Disney wishlist? x
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Garnier Ultimate Blends 'The Delicate Soother' Shampoo Review


When it comes to buying toiletries, I just can't help myself. Shampoos, conditioners, shower gels and bubble bath - you name it, I'll be buying it or at least attempting to stop myself from buying even more. At the moment I tend to use my John Frieda Go Blonder shampoo as it helps keep my colour in check but I've always been a fan of Garnier's shampoos too so I knew I wanted to give this a go. 
Garnier have a whole range of Ultimate Blends hair care with options to choose from such as 'The Strength Restorer', 'The Colour Illuminator' and now their latest addition - 'The Delicate Soother' shampoo, taken from the brand new Delicate Oats range.

I must admit that I was attracted to the shampoo itself firstly thanks to it's cute cream and white pink packaging. It has a lovely soothing scent and lathers up perfectly thanks to its light and creamy formula. The shampoo itself includes ingredients of rice cream and oat milk which is perfect for sensitive scalp and fragile hair. The rice cream is essential for softening and protecting whilst the Oat milk helps to comfort a sensitive scalp. I'm always a bit skeptical of trying new shampoos - it's so irritating when you've washed your hair with a new shampoo and your hair ends up looking greasier than it did before you washed it! The Delicate Soother definitely didn't give me this problem and after blow drying, I noticed my hair also had more volume to it than it normally does as well as being freshly clean. It made a difference to the softness of my hair as I do straighten it a lot so I wouldn't often describe my hair as being soft, but this definitely works.

The 'Delicate Soother' shampoo retails at £4.99 but is currently half price as an introductory offer in shops such as Boots, Superdrug and Wilkinsons. There are also new products in the Delicate Oats range to try such as a daily conditioner, heat protection milk, body lotion and even a multi purpose soothing balm

Have you tried any of the 'Ultimate Blends' range? x
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New In: Beauty

I've been eyeing this up ever since I first spotted in on Boots website a few weeks ago. Before Christmas I treated myself to the original SensatioNail gel starter kit and have been enjoying giving myself at home manicures but I've also realised it can work out expensive to add polishes to my collection. This brand new product promises to create a gel look to any brand of nail varnish. All you need to do is mix any nail polish with the gel to polish and pop under the lamp. If you already own the lamp, you can buy the transformer polish alone for £13.50. However, the starter kit does include the LED lamp, so it's a good deal! 

Makeup Revolution are at it again and have released a brand new strobing cream. The Ultra strobe cream retails at £8.00 and is a creamy formula which you can use on top of foundation for a highlight or use as a base underneath foundation for a radiant glow.

Dolce and Gabbana have released a new scent - Dolce Rosa Excelsa. I love the stunning bottle with it's it's flower sculpted lid and black bow. The scent itself is described as capturing rose petals in bloom with top notes of papya flower, base notes of musk and sandalwood with heart notes of white water lily and African Dog Rose.

Benefit Dandelion Shy Beam Matte Highlighter
Whilst I am not sure on the release date of this gorgeous new highlighter just yet, I'll be sure to keep you updated when I know. Benefit's Dandelion range currently consists of a blusher and a lipgloss, but this new addition will add a highlighter to the family. It's a nude pink matte highlighter which can be applied easily to your cheekbones, under your browbone or even use under complexion products.

If you're looking for gel nails on a budget, look no further. Rimmel have added new polishes to their range and I'm pretty excited about these. The Super Gel nail polishes have 20 different shades to choose from and then you simply need to add on the top coat for a gel-like shine and will apparently last up to 14 days. The best thing is, there's no need to buy a lamp so there's no hidden cost.

I'm a big fan of Clinique skincare and have a few favourites in my skincare rotuine already so I'd be happy to try put this new pep smart eye cream. The brightly coloured packaging caught my eye and the unique applicator means you can just glide under your eyes and blend in with your fingers. 

Too faced are back again with a brand new eye shadow palette - Peanut Butter & Jelly. I'm always attracted to their quirky and unique packaging, it definitely sets them apart from other brands for me. The palette consists of nine gorgeous eye shadows featuring a cocoa powder with a creamy peanut butter twist! The palette will be released on the 28th February.

Last but not least, it's a new addition to the Soap and Glory family. S&G have recently added a few gems to their cosmetic collection, including a choice of three shades in their new 'Highlight and Sculpt' cheek sticks. The choices are 'Wonderbronze', Glow all out' and 'Love at blush'.

Have you got your eye on any new products? x 
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Mother's Day Gift Guide


I'd forgotten just how much I love making gift guides and wish lists - but I also forgot how long it can take to find hidden gems! I wanted to try and find a few items that you may not have spotted just yet, making the perfect gifts for Mother's Day. Incase you weren't aware, Mother's Day will be on the 6th March (I thought it was March 30th, so I would have been slightly late!). I like to get things organised and have my card written and presents chosen. My mum will definitely be reading this post so I can't tell you anything about what I'll be buying! I spotted this floral earring set from Avon and I think it looks stunning - I'd be tempted to get this as a decoration for my bedroom! I've also included three other beauty bits, a Benefit Do The Hoola kit, a set of Avon Gel nail polishes which are amazing quality for their price tag and also a Lush gift set. As you can see, I've also added a few sentimental gifts such as a Cath Kidston mug, a cute cushion, notebook and a Me To You Plaque. I also spotted this Ladybird 'Mum' book in a bookshop recently and had a little chuckle to myself, I think it would make a perfect gift for a little laugh.

Have you found any cute gifts? x 

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Enjoying My At Home Hobbies Again.

I've never been much of a YouTube kind of girl, I've always preferred to read blogs and look at the pretty pictures. but recently I've found myself subscribing to more and more youtubers. I'm going to write a post soon about my favourite channels just incase I've found anyone that you don't subscribe to. I've been loving watching makeup tutorials and everyday makeup routines, purely because I just find it so relaxing. I love watching people put their makeup on and always wonder what products people are using when I love a look, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to be nosy whilst making a few mental notes on any products that I need to try. The only downside to watching all of these makeup videos, is that I'm learning about new makeup I need to go and buy - my bank balance won't be too happy with me! 

Books & Magazines.
I've finally found myself being able to concentrate on reading a novel again which I'm really pleased about. I've been reading a new novel from Lucy Diamond called 'The Secrets of Happiness' which is based on two half sisters who have drifted apart over the years, but need to be brought back together when one of them seems to go missing. I'm also a big magazine lover and can't help but love to keep up to date with celebrity gossip.

I think I'm finally ready to come back to my blog and I'm very pleased about that. It's been months since I actually spent time taking my photos, writing and promoting my posts and now I'm back. I'm looking forward to catching up on lots of posts from my favourite bloggers and writing up lots of posts of my own. I'm going to make an effort to comment on more blogs as it always gives me a little boost when I recieve comments on my post.

Gaming Apps.
I've got a little to addicted to playing games on my phone and iPad. What started out as downloading Blossom Blast Saga out of curiosity has ended in me reaching level 121 and I've still got more to go - these types of games are just so addictive though! I've also been attemping Candy Crush Jelly Saga which I'm definitely not good at but at least I'm giving it a try. A last game I've been enjoying/secretly hating is Zig Zag Boom - it's so addictive but difficult to do. The games are all free to download too so I'd recommend giving them a go if you're looking for something new.

Colouring Books.
I've always been a fan of colouring books and spending hours colouring in whilst the rain pours outside. I've written about my favourite books and my love for colouring on my blog before so I won't go into it too much. I've got a lovely new Disney book which is basically colour by numbers but it's very intricate and detailed so I can really concentrate on it and watch the Disney characters come to life in front of my eyes. I also had the Harry Potter colouring book for Christmas which is equally just as great - I'm thinking of writing a post on each of these books soon.

What have you been enjoying lately? x
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Thoughts I Have When I'm Driving - Disney Themed.

I have no idea how this post is going to go down, but I'm hoping it will make some of you smile! Driving is something that I definitely do not take for granted as it took me four painful driving tests, two years of learning and three different instructors before I finally passed - I thought I'd never make it! After following a Disney Reactions page online, I decided to use some of the Disney images to capture some of the feelings we get when we're out on the big bad roads. Let me know what you think of this and if you can relate to any of these reactions! So, here we go.

Spotting a learner driver on their test.

When you let somebody out at a junction and they don't say thank you.

Pulling out on someone just a little too closely. 

Another morning and yet another set of traffic lights.

When someone drives too close behind you.
When you witness a near miss car crash.

When somebody lets you out of a busy junction.

Trying to reverse park.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Lustrous Lipglosses Review

Over the past few months, I've been pretty good with my spending. Until January came and it all went higgledy-piggledy after I splashed out on a Kate Spade purse, Lion King merchandise followed by a few fabulous beauty buys including Anastasisa Beverly Hills Dip Brow (more on that soon), Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush (again, more on that soon) and these stunning lipglosses - Anastacia Beverly Hills Lustrous Lipglosses. You may have guessed that I've found myself a  new favourite brand and am now finding myself wanting everything in the whole range - I can't be the only person who does that! I first purchased the Dip Brow Pomade and I've been so impressed by it, I've been eyeing up other products on Beauty Bay. Nosing through the makeup gift sets, I came across this gorgeous set of 8 lip glosses and after a little bit of deliberation, popped them in my basket and the next day they were at my door!

L to R: Black Cherry, Date Night, Socialite, Gilded, Sunset Strip, Weekend Barbie, Metallic Rose & Dainty.

The set contains a total of eight stunning full size lip glosses with a wide variety of best-selling
shades available meaning there's bound to be something for everyone's personal tastes and skin tones. The set comes packaged in a sleek black gift-ready box also making it the perfect gift for any beauty lover - or yourself. I was too excited to keep the packaging in place to take a blog photo! Upon opening each lip gloss, there's a gorgeous scent of what I would describe as ice cream (others have described it as coconut!) but it's definitely a sweet smell which is an added bonus when applying your makeup in the mornings. With lip glosses, I can be put off sometimes due to the stickiness or 'icky' feeling, but luckily with these glosses they've got a lovely creamy consistency to them. My favourite shade is currently 'Dainty' as it's a light, creamy pink shade perfect for daytime wear. The lip glosses range from creams, glitters and shimmers.

The set of eight retails at £33.00 which may seem a little steep initially but I do think it's worth the price tag thanks to the high end quality and variety of the lip glosses.

The shades as described by ABH (Left to Right):
Black Cherry: A moody plum purple.
Date Night: A romantic ruby red.
Socialite: A sophisticated scarlet red.
Gilded: A metallic Champagne gold.
Sunset Strip: A fiery gold-flecked pink.
Weekend Barbie: A vivid bright pink.
Metallic Rose: A shimmery classic mauve.
Dainty: An opaque retro pink.

I would definitely recommend ordering from Beauty Bay if you're looking for a new website to browse as they're selling lots of luxurious brands such as Too Faced, Urban Decay, Peter Thomas Roth and many more.

Have you tried any Anastasia Beverly Hills products? x
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