Thoughts I Have When I'm Driving - Disney Themed.

I have no idea how this post is going to go down, but I'm hoping it will make some of you smile! Driving is something that I definitely do not take for granted as it took me four painful driving tests, two years of learning and three different instructors before I finally passed - I thought I'd never make it! After following a Disney Reactions page online, I decided to use some of the Disney images to capture some of the feelings we get when we're out on the big bad roads. Let me know what you think of this and if you can relate to any of these reactions! So, here we go.

Spotting a learner driver on their test.

When you let somebody out at a junction and they don't say thank you.

Pulling out on someone just a little too closely. 

Another morning and yet another set of traffic lights.

When someone drives too close behind you.
When you witness a near miss car crash.

When somebody lets you out of a busy junction.

Trying to reverse park.

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  1. Absoutely loved this post! I am usually in the passenger seat but still - amazing!
    Parie x

    1. So glad you liked it :) You still get these reactions in the passenger seat - sometimes even more so because your feet aren't in control! x

  2. Oh my god it took me three instructors two years and four tests haha! I don't believe that! Love this post, anything Disney is wonderful by me :)

    Sophia xxx

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