25 Blog Post Ideas For Spring & Summer


1) How are you spending Easter? Will you be doing anything special? Maybe write a post about how you spent Easter weekend.

2) What are your fashion staples for Spring? Perhaps a dress you've had for years but still love it. Make a flat lay of your favourite spring outfit.

3) What about makeup, are there any products you tend to use more this time of year? Brighter lipstick, bold nails and floral perfume - tell us what you love.

4) Look back at this time last Spring. How did you spend it? Are you in a better place now, how have things changed? 

5) How would you spend a perfect Spring day? Tell us how you'd spend an ideal Spring day or share an old memory. 

6) Is anything exciting happening soon that you're looking forward to? A holiday, a wedding or a day out with friends? Let us know what you've got planned.

7) It may be spring, but the heavens have opened and it's lashing down. What are you getting up to on a cosy day in? What box sets have you been watching? Share your favourite things to do on a rainy day.

8) Are there any films being released soon that you can't wait to go and see? Or have you been to the Cinema to see any great films recently? You could write mini reviews of films you've watched lately.

9) At this time of the year, some of us girls will be hitting the fake tan (unless like me you wear it all year round!). Do you like tanning? Talk about your favourite products to tan or any tan disasters you may have had. Mine is when I used a spray on tan which left me with questionable white patches all over my legs. 

10) Spring recipes. Why not look on Pinterest at some Easter cooking ideas and try making them yourself? Share the outcome and recommend the recipe you followed. 

11) Flowers are blooming at this time of year. Why don't you take pictures of your garden? Or if you're not a keen gardener, go for a walk to your favourite park or place and share pictures on a blog post.

12) Create a playlist of your favourite songs which remind you of sunny days and good memories.

13) There's hundreds of craft ideas online. Have a search for something you'd love to make and share the outcome. I've seen a very pretty tutorial for glitter Easter eggs!

14) Spring cleaning. Have a good old sort out, get rid of anything you no longer use or want and make the house look a little less cluttered. Share your favourite room of your house with us. 

15) Are there any beauty products you're looking forward to in Spring or Summer? Are you favourite brands releasing new products that you can't wait to get your hands on? 

16) Make a Spring wishlist. You could make it a bonanza post of fashion, make up, places to go. 

17) How would you spend a perfect garden party? Would it a party for one where you can indulge and relax in the sunshine, working on your blog posts? Or would you be surrounded with friends and family? What outfit would you wear?

18) Pinspiration Post - Make a 'Spring/Easter' board on your Pinterest account and make a collage of your favourite images to share on your blog.

19) Where would you go for your perfect Summer holiday? What would you pack & who would you take with you?

20) You've finally booked a holiday to a sunny destination - what are your beauty essentials?

21) What are your top tips for getting in shape before you hit the beach? Are there any apps or DVD's that you use for exercise?

22) Summer fruits - get creative with fruit. Find and try lots of recipes such as pineapple boats,fruit pizza, smoothies and frozen yoghurts.

23) Beach reads - we all need a good book to relax with, what have you been loving lately? Any good books you can recommend or maybe you're more into your magazines?

24) Share your favourite holiday memories. Maybe show old photos of your childhood holidays, what means the most to you? Why was the trip special? Was there somewhere your family visited each year without fail?

25) Summer bargains - have you bought any gorgeous clothes lately? Maybe you've got your hands on a stunning new lipstick - let us know what bargains you've picked up.

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  1. Love this idea! I'm having a bit of a bloggers' block at the mo, so will definitely be referring to this post! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Great ideas! I love coming back to read posts like this whenever I'm stuck for ideas! x

    Xtina G Says..

  3. Wonderful ideas, I'll definitely need to pin this. Thinking of having a clean out post some time soon.. :)

    Ree xx / Coffee with Ree

  4. Great post Alex! These posts always give me lots of inspiration!


  5. I love this post got me excited for spring and summer and given some ideas for blog posts thanks Alex x

  6. Thanks for all the great ideas :) I've added a lot to my blogging ideas list.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink