Getting A Good Night's Sleep.


Set The Mood.
Make your bedroom  look as cosy as can be. Think fairy lights, cushions and candles - anything that can make you feel relaxed and chilled out. I've spent a lot of time making my bedroom look exactly how I want it with my Cath Kidston duvet, Disney ornaments and various bits and bobs that represent my personality. I find this really helps me relax as I love the environment I'm in. Pop one of your favourite films on or catch up on the latest series you've been watching on Netflix and hop under the covers.

Have a bath & Pamper Yourself.
As you may have noticed, I'm a currently a big fan of having baths as I want to feel chilled out and be able to relax. I've got lots of gorgeous bubble baths to choose from to help me relax. I love reading in the bath, whether it's a book or a magazine and seeing as I'm in the bath already, I'll make a point of pampering myself. I'll leave a hair and face mask on for ten minutes before using  my trusty Sugar Crush body scrub. This always makes me feel so much more relaxed in the evenings.

Turning Off Twitter.
This is so hard for me to type as I am so terrible for switching off my laptop, going to bed and then straight onto my iPad to see if there's anything I've missed! I don't think it helps me 'switch off' so to speak so I'm trying my best to avoid doing this lately. See if you can give yourself a cut off time such as 10.30pm where you're not going to check the internet!

Reading books.
This is a funny one as some experts can tell you not to read before bed as it makes your mind more alert - but to be honest, I think it's all about finding what works best for you. For example, reading Twitter in bed may relax you anyway - so who am I to advise?! If you're not a big reader, why not try making a few notes before you go to sleep each night? You could write a to do list for the next day, taking the pressure of remembering off you and also write anything that's on your mind or making you unable to relax.

Colouring Books.
You've probably noticed by now that I'm a huge colouring book fan. I have around six books already and I've recently subscribed to Disney Art Therapy magazine, so each month I get a new magazine based on different films and characters. I find that really concentrating on my colouring and using intricate patterns really helps me to take my mind off other things, meaning I can sleep better later on.

Sleep Tight! x

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  1. LOVED this post! <3 I think it's so important to turn off your phone too like an hour before sleeping because I am always scrolling on my insta and twitter. I need some fairy lights though!

  2. Could not agree with this post more :) that half an hour to wind down before bed makes all the difference for me. I love having a bath, turning off all the screens and reading! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty