Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation Review

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My mum is just as much of a beauty addict as I am, I guess that must be where I get it from. So when she came home from Boots last week armed with a Smashbox foundation which we both had never tried before, it's fair to say we had our hopes up. Now, this actually went two ways - my mum decided she wasn't keen on it enough and was about to sell it on ebay and then this is where I hopped in, tried it on, fell slightly in love with it and bought it off her instead. It certainly doesn't come cheap at £29.00 a bottle so as always I'll give my honest opinion.

First of all, my mum chose the shade 2.1 which luckily also suited me perfectly. There are a total of 12 shades to choose from with the palest starting at 1.1 and the darkest finishing at 4.2. Studio Skin is a foundation aimed at picture perfect skin with a full 15 hours wear, developed to stand even with intense conditions. The liquid formula applied like a dream (and I don't say that very often!). I use either my fingers or my Zoeva 104 buffer brush. The foundation has a pump applicator which I am pleased about as it's so annoying having to pour foundation out of glass bottles - Estee Lauder, I'm looking at you! Once applied, I promise that this foundation lasts perfectly throughout the day. I definitely noticed a massive difference in the longevity of my foundation when I wear this compared to my usual favourites.  The only problem I do have with the foundation is that it doesn't quite give me the complete full coverage that I love. It's described as being medium to full buildable coverage and whilst it's definitely buildable I don't feel it quite reaches that 'full coverage stage'. If you have relatively clear skin and don't need a maximum amount of coverage, this is the most perfect foundation I can recommend to you. I'll continue to use it as I do love it, but I mix in a little bit of 17's Stay Time to make sure I'm completely confident with my look. 

Have you tried any Smashbox products? x 
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