A Mini Boots Haul


You know those days when you accidentally fall into Boots, manage to make your way to the clearance section and before you know it you're at the till with a bag full of goodies? Well, today was one of those days - although I did manage to not go too mad! I'm heading off on my holidays tomorrow, so I was on the hunt for a beach bag and a few last minute toiletries in Boots. First up is something I'm so excited to try - it's a brand new release from Soap and Glory in my favourite scent of Sugar Crush. The Sugar Crush Shower Jelly has the unique heavenly scent of sugar crush with a jelly juice texture which melts onto wet skin and makes a lovely lather - I've never tried a shower jelly before so I can't wait to try this out. I was also extra happy with this as I used my points to pay for it! Recently I've been loving Garnier's Delicate Oat shampoo, so I decided to treat myself to the Delicate Oat face and body multi-purpose soothing balm. It has a beautiful scent and seems quite rich in texture, so will definitely be a treat to slather this on in the evenings.

I can't head to Boots without having a peek in the clearance section and luckily I wasn't disappointed. There were a lot of bath and body products from the Boots Botanics range and this soothing body polish was reduced to just £1.10, so I snapped it up quickly! I also decided to treat my self to a face mask to take on my holidays with me and I opted for the 7th Heaven Creamy Coconut treatment mask. Keep an eye on my posts as I am hoping to review my new products seperately. I have not got any posts scheduled for when I am away - but I'll be back as soon as I can, hope you don't mind.

Have you treated yourself lately? x 
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Chocolate Beauty Products

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If you weren't already in the mood for some chocolate - you may want to look away now! I'm a big lover of all things beauty as you know and I find them even better when they are chocolate scented. My inspiration from this post came from my recent review of Avon's Chocolate Orange Bubble Bath which smells divine and is such a bargain. Since using the bubble bath, I started wondering what other chocolate beauty products were on the market - and here's the answers! I'm yet to try a fragrance from The Library Of Fragrance but I've added the 'Chocolate Chip Cookie' cologne spray to my wishlist. I've also found some other beauty bits such as a chocolate shade Essie nail polish, the Too Faced Chocolate eye-shadow bar which even smells of chocolate as well as lots of other goodies such as chocolate face masks, smashable soap bars, a lip balm and shower gel - I'm sorry if this post makes you want to get your hands on a big bar of chocolate! 

Have you tried any chocolate beauty products? x 

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Pinspiration: Quotes To Keep You Positive.


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Enjoying Your Own Company

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enjoy your own company:
I've always been an introvert. Don't get me wrong, I love meeting new people, going to new places and socialising with my close friends and family but I'm also comfortable in my own company. I know that a lot of people can sometimes get fidgety when home alone or are wanting to be out with friends, so I thought I'd put together some tips to help you enjoy your own company more.

Going out alone.
Sometimes it can seem a little daunting to do things alone - but I think it's worth stepping out of your comfort zone as it can help build up your confidence. I think it's important to have space to yourself to be able to do the things that you enjoy doing, especially after a busy week. I always try and make time to do this, even if it's just having a quick look around the shops or going to the library. Of course, it's always fun to have company and have a natter as you go along but I also am just fine to go it alone. I'm also a fan of going to a comfy coffee shop alone (not that I get the time anymore!) as I think it would be the perfect opportunity to get used to being out alone whilst catching up with some blogging and enjoying a few treats of course.

Make your own space.
I absolutely love my bedroom and find it's one of my favourite ways to relax. I mentioned this in my previous post about getting a good night's sleep as I feel it's so important to be comfortable and feel safe in your environment. Maybe you have to share a bedroom, or are running low on cash so can't spend money on new home decor - why not raid the charity shops and ebay to see what bargains you can find? Think about what suits you best - are fairy lights too girly for you? Does the perfect room involve lots of snacks on your bedside table and a big stack of books to read? Decorating a space exactly how you like it means that when it comes to having a night in alone, you may even find yourself looking forward to it!

Enjoy your indoor hobbies.
When I get time to myself at home, I love to make the most of it and catch up on my favourite things. I've recently started re-reading Harry Potter so I've got plenty of books to get through and I also love my colouring books, watching makeup tutorials, writing my blog, reading magazines and of course catching up on my favourite TV programmes. Always make time to give yourself a pamper too! If you need to feel distracted and something's on your mind - why not try something creative? You could do scrapbooking, filling a photo ablbum, write blog posts or get active at do some yoga at home.

Do you enjoy your own company or do you get lonely quickly? x
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Treacle Moon 'Those Lemonade Days' Review

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Treaclemoon 'Those Lemonade Days' Bath & Shower Gel*
I absolutely love Treacle Moon products. The packing is so pretty what with their cute messages, quirky names and of course their stunning scents. Recently, I've been using this lovely bath and shower gel 'Those Lemonade Days'. This is the perfect scent for spring and summer thanks to its gorgeously sharp scent of lemons - it's the perfect pick me up. With it being a shower gel and a bubble bath, you will of course be getting two choices for your money. There's nothing I love more than a hot bubble bath, so this is perfect too for filling up the bathroom with the sweet lemon scent and of course making plenty of bubbles along the way. As you can see, you get a lot of product  for your money with a 500ml bottle costing just £3.00. There's also a 'Those Lemonade Days' hand wash available. In the Treacle Moon range you can find lots of other stunning scents such as  'Marshmallow Hearts', 'My Coconut Island', 'Gentle Powder Love' and 'Dusted Cocoa Heaven'. You can find Treaclemoon products at Tesco & Waitrose. 

Treaclemoon have created a brand new app which allows you to create your very own bottle of Treaclemoon. You can find the app by searching 'treaclemoon' on your app store and it's free to use. Creating your own shower gel isn't just to pass the time - you can win prizes such as Treaclemoon goodies and vouchers by sharing your creation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #treaclemoonME. If you want to join in too, find out more details and see some fabulous examples here.
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The Best Blogger Networks.

As a blogger, it's probably likely that at some point in your time of blogging that you've looked at other bloggers and wondered how they found about such fabulous opportunities that they get such as working with brands. If you want to take your blog to the next level and are looking for new opportunities to grow your blog, I've collected a few of my favourite websites and blogger networks that I enjoy using. I have been lucky enough to work with brands over time and of course sometimes you will be contacted out of the blue to review products but in case that seems to be drying up lately, here's what I use to help get my blog a little extra work. I know that blogging isn't just about the free things and opportunities and my favourite posts to write are the ones where ideas have popped out of nowhere but I can't deny that it's a bonus!

This website is super easy to use. It's free to sign up and you'll need to create a log in and a profile to share information about your blog. If you sign up to the newsletter, you will recieve a weekly email with the top blogging assignments they have on offer each week. I find the newsletter the best way to catch up with the opportunities as it can be time consuming to keep checking back on websites to see what has been updated. When you see an opportunity that you'd like to sign up for, you'll need to complete a sign up form and write a quick cover letter explaining why your blog is a good fit for the brand. Bloggers Required have worked with some awesome brands such as F&F, Premier Inn, Treaclemoon, Papa Johns, Superdrug and many more.

Type The Hype is a relatively new blogger network which works with some amazing high end brands such as Elemis, Kersastase, Results with Lucy, Chelsea Boutique & also fashion brands such as Apricot and Chi Chi. You'll need to sign up to the network, again making a profile for your blog. All you need to do is visit the 'assignments' tab where you'll find lots of opportunities to choose from and you can apply for as many as you like. When you apply, you'll need to write a quick cover letter to explain why you are applying before you submit. It can sometimes take up to two weeks to hear back for your application and so far I havent been lucky enough to work with them - but I'll still be trying!

This is a Facebook page I keep up to date with on a regular basis. Lots of brands regularly post opportunities such as sponsored posts or blog reviews and all you'll need to do is reply to the facebook post or contact the relevant person if they've put up an email address to contact. It's also good to interact with the other members for a general chat and blogging tips and it's also a good way to promote your blog posts in the relevant sections.

These are my top visited blogger networks, but there's also a few others to get your teeth stuck into!
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Dreaming Of Daisies.

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10 Reasons Not To Give Up On Your Blog


1) You've made new friends and will continue to do so.
Since I started my blog, I've made some online friends which may sound strange to some, but if you're a blogger yourself, you'll definitely understand what I mean. It's been so good to be able to connect with others who have the same interests as me and I'm sure you'll have online bloggers that you consider as friends. Lots of bloggers have also gone on to meet up at events and then become good friends in 'real life' too - and you can't get much better than that. If you feel you don't get the chance to build up a friendship with others online, I suggest joining in with the Twitter chats especially as there are so many new ones to join in with. 

2) You've had some pretty awesome opportunities and there's still more to come.
Okay, so I definitely didn't start my blog for the opportunities but I'd be lieing if I said it wasn't a perk. I have been lucky enough to work with brands such as Benefit, Diet Coke, John Frieda and Fragrance Direct - I really appreciate these opportunities and they give me confidence in my blog as I feel honoured that these lovely brands trust me! Take a moment to think about the brands you've worked with. Who made your day when you were surprised with a parcel after a long day at work? Have you attended any fun blog events? Remember that you are valued as a blogger and of course, opportunities dry up and sometimes it seems as if everyone else is doing better than you - take a moment to look at how far you've come. 

3) Remember why you started.
Think back to the day when you finally plucked up the courage to start your very own blog. You probably felt nervous and scared - who on earth was going to read what we had to say?! Well, let's eat our words because look how well we've done! If you're losing your way with your blog, look back through your old posts and find out what you love writing about the most - remember why you started in the first place. You didn't start because you wanted to get more followers, you started because you're creative and love writing.

4) You can change Directions.
Just like anything in life, after a while things can become stale. We change as we grow older meaning our interests that we once had don't interest us anymore. Maybe you started your blog purely based on beauty, but after two years you're starting to wonder if there's something else you should write about instead. I think it's important to shake up your posts to keep your interest going. If you're stuck for ideas there's lots of different things you could try writing about such as books, recipes, TV shows, snippets of your life -there's no need to focus solely on one thing.

5) There's so many more ideas to come.
How frustrating is blogging block? Very. I know exactly how it feels. You've got the whole day to yourself, you've had a little pamper and now you're ready to catch up on your blog posts - but you've got absolutely no clue what to write about or where to start. That's when I know that a day of blogging just isn't doable - and that's ok. Remember how lovely it feels when a blog post idea randomly pops into your head from nowhere - that will be back soon!

6) Your blog is yours and yours only.
Your blog is yours and nobody can take that away from you. No blog has got the same name as you, the same writing technique, the same pictures and most importantly the same ideas. It can be hard to stand out in the blogging world, especially as there's so many of us beauty blogging, but you have to remember you are different and despite someone of us reviewing the same products, we are all our own person and have different stories to tell.

7) You can take a break.
This is the best thing you'll do if you and your blog have hit a rough patch. Last summer I completely fell out of love withy my blog, so I completely ignored it until I was finally ready to come back. I do wish I hadn't needed so long to come back but there's no point creating posts if you're just not 'in the mood'. If you're working full time, or busy with other life things then don't forget that your blog isn't always going to be number one and taking a break can do you the world of good.

8) Others have made it through.
There seems to be a lot of us who are finding it hard to keep up our relationships with our blogs. A few bloggers who I followed right back when I started no longer blog because their hearts just aren't in it anymore. It does seem a shame because we all put so much passion into our posts but it's simply not worth carrying on if it's not fun anymore. However, lots of us are still ploughing through, taking a break when we feel overwhelmed with it and then we're back and better than ever.

9) People love your blog.
Sometimes it can be hard not to focus on followers and you can feel like you've hit a plateau - but take a quick look at how many people are following and reading your posts. It may not be as many as the next person, but put it into perspective - imagine 300 people in a room and all of them follow your blog and want to know what you have to say - that's pretty good going!

10) It's a hobby.
I don't know about you, but I don't have many hobbies other than food, holidays and shopping so it's nice that I can have a creative outlet. I love being able to make pretty pictures, writing new posts and sharing with you what I love - it's all part of my fun. The only problem as I've discussed is when it stops being fun - that's when you know it's time to take a break.

How are you finding blogging lately? x
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New In Beauty: April Edition


I'm really excited about the new 'Drops of Light' skincare range which has just been released from The Body Shop. The range consists of four different products which are suitable for your daily skincare regime with the products being enriched with red algae and Vitamin C to help your skin appear brighter. The range consists of a 'Pure Clarifying Foam Wash', 'Pure Translucency Esscence Lotion', 'Pure Healthy Brightening Serum' and lastly a 'Pure Healthy Brightening Day Cream'. Of course you'd be more than welcome to use all four products as a new skincare regime, or if you're aware of the costs like I am, then why not just choose one?!

We're being spoilt for choice lately with bronzing products what with Benefit's new additions to their Hoola team and now NARS have introduced a liquid addition of their classic Laguna bronzer. I've had my eye on the Laguna bronzer for so long now, it's definitely time for me to make a purchase soon! You can create a quick bronzing effect over your makeup or even mix with makeup for an all over glow.

Barry M are keeping this brand new release a top secret but here's what I've found out so far! A brand new collection of nail paints will be released soon which are infused with coconut water and coconut oil - I think these sound really healthy for my nails and I'll definitely be picking them up! 

I'm a massive fan of Seventeen products, with my favourite being the Stay Time foundation which is quite frankly the best full coverage foundation I've ever found - please don't discontinue it! With this in mind, I'd definitely like to try more of their products, especially this new Skin Wow concealer. It has a built in applicator which is what I find helpful as I'm rubbish at applying concealer and can of course be used in many different ways such as a general cover up or a quick highlight. 

I'm yet to try a NYX product, but I certainly have plenty on my wishlist. Most recently are the gorgeous Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks. I'm a massive fan of lipsticks and never feel complete without my lips painted. The Lip Lingerie's give a matte finish and there are currently 12 different shades to choose from with shades ranging from classic nude to chocolate brown. 

I've always been a massive fan of DKNY's fragrances, with my trusty favourite being the 'Be Delicious' perfume. DKNY have released an 'Electric Range' which consists of three different scents, each brightly packaged. 'Electric Bright Crush' - bergamot, blackcurrant and plum, 'Electric Citrus Pulse' - nectarin, passion fruit, mandarin and lastly 'Electric Loving Glow' - blackcurrant, grape and pineapple.

To celebrate Essie's anniversary, they're celebrating Vegas style with these gorgeously packaged nail polishes. There are a total of six iconic shades to choose from such as 'Cabana Boy' and 'Bikini With a Martini'. The bottles are limited edition designs so get ready to stock up on your favourite shades or try a brand new shade - well it is a celebration after all! Boots are also running an offer on these polishes of buy one and get one half price. 

Last but not least, Origins have released a foaming clay cleansing mask to give your skin a detox at the end of the week. It's a mask and a cleanser in one - the creamy clay mask unclogs pores and then transforms into self activating foam to cleanse. I think this sounds really intriguing and would love to see how it in action!

Have you spotted anything you fancy? x
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Stationery Wishlist


I've always been a sucker for stationery. No matter how many notebooks, pens and colouring books I own, there's always room for more (my mum will tell you differently but let's not worry about that!). As many bloggers do, I love a bit of online browsing, making a mental wishlist as I go along which usually ends up with me creating a wishlist to share with you. So for today's post, I wanted to share with you some pretty stationery items I've found over the past week or so. My favourite item of all has to be the 'Hot off the press' black hard-lined notebook from M&S - it really reminds me of the 
pricier Kate Spade notebooks which I've always lusted after thanks to their sleek packaging and slogans.

There's also a few other Kate Spade dupes which I have found in store at M&S which are gorgeous and a total bargain. Browsing through Paperchase, I came across this lovely Peter Rabbit scrapbook which I love as it reminds me of my nephew! I also found a Thankful Journal in which each day you just need to take a few minutes and write about what made you happy that day. As you can see, I've added in a few extra bits and bobs that also caught my eye.

Have you bought any new stationery lately? x
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My Blog: What's Going On?

I started my blog a whole three years ago so I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm now a little bit stuck. I wanted to write this post to reach out to other bloggers to see if anyone is feeling similar to me when it comes to their blog. I'm finding that I keep having an on and off relationship with my blog and I can't put my finger on it. Previously, I'd spend so much of my spare time reading posts, taking photos, buying new products, writing and promoting and I loved every second of it - but recently I've been feeling more lost. Comparison is the thief of joy as the old saying goes. However, it's something that seems unavoidable when it comes to blogging. I absolutely love reading my favourite blogs and I've made some online friendships which I really value and only wish we lived closer. Despite being a big blog reader and honestly being happy when I see everyone's posts doing well and followers growing, sometimes it can make me feel a little bit stuck. I will be entirely honest with you and admit that sometimes I look at other bloggers doing so well with gorgeous photos and I'm thinking "Why is my blog not that good? Why can't I take photos like that?". 

I had around six months out of blogging last year because my heart wasn't in it at all and there was no point forcing it. Since then, I've written a few more posts that I am happy with but I still feel like I'm not quite getting it right - but I can't work out what the 'it' is! I feel like my blog doesn't seem to be moving anywhere right now, even though I know that's not why I started, sometimes it does knock my blogging confidence and make me wonder 'Well, what's the point?' I know it's probably just a little bit of a rocky patch and I'm hoping it will soon pass. If you have any tips for getting my mojo and blogging confidence back - please let me know! I'm definitely not giving up on my blog. I have put too much time, effort and passion into it to just let it all go. Since working full time, I think this has made a big difference as when I started my job last year that's actually when my blog came to a standstill. However, on the weekends and evenings that I have some spare time, I will dedicate that to my blog but only if I am happy to do so as I don't want it to become a chore - I just want to get the fun back into my posts like I used to. I have posts lined up ready to schedule and I just want to focus on what I enjoy writing and creating because my blog is not a job, but I find that I am putting pressure on myself to keep improving - which can definitely take away the fun and relaxation of blogging! 

If you have any tips, or understand how I feel, please let me know as it would really help me! x
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