Chocolate Beauty Products

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If you weren't already in the mood for some chocolate - you may want to look away now! I'm a big lover of all things beauty as you know and I find them even better when they are chocolate scented. My inspiration from this post came from my recent review of Avon's Chocolate Orange Bubble Bath which smells divine and is such a bargain. Since using the bubble bath, I started wondering what other chocolate beauty products were on the market - and here's the answers! I'm yet to try a fragrance from The Library Of Fragrance but I've added the 'Chocolate Chip Cookie' cologne spray to my wishlist. I've also found some other beauty bits such as a chocolate shade Essie nail polish, the Too Faced Chocolate eye-shadow bar which even smells of chocolate as well as lots of other goodies such as chocolate face masks, smashable soap bars, a lip balm and shower gel - I'm sorry if this post makes you want to get your hands on a big bar of chocolate! 

Have you tried any chocolate beauty products? x 

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