Enjoying Your Own Company

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enjoy your own company:
I've always been an introvert. Don't get me wrong, I love meeting new people, going to new places and socialising with my close friends and family but I'm also comfortable in my own company. I know that a lot of people can sometimes get fidgety when home alone or are wanting to be out with friends, so I thought I'd put together some tips to help you enjoy your own company more.

Going out alone.
Sometimes it can seem a little daunting to do things alone - but I think it's worth stepping out of your comfort zone as it can help build up your confidence. I think it's important to have space to yourself to be able to do the things that you enjoy doing, especially after a busy week. I always try and make time to do this, even if it's just having a quick look around the shops or going to the library. Of course, it's always fun to have company and have a natter as you go along but I also am just fine to go it alone. I'm also a fan of going to a comfy coffee shop alone (not that I get the time anymore!) as I think it would be the perfect opportunity to get used to being out alone whilst catching up with some blogging and enjoying a few treats of course.

Make your own space.
I absolutely love my bedroom and find it's one of my favourite ways to relax. I mentioned this in my previous post about getting a good night's sleep as I feel it's so important to be comfortable and feel safe in your environment. Maybe you have to share a bedroom, or are running low on cash so can't spend money on new home decor - why not raid the charity shops and ebay to see what bargains you can find? Think about what suits you best - are fairy lights too girly for you? Does the perfect room involve lots of snacks on your bedside table and a big stack of books to read? Decorating a space exactly how you like it means that when it comes to having a night in alone, you may even find yourself looking forward to it!

Enjoy your indoor hobbies.
When I get time to myself at home, I love to make the most of it and catch up on my favourite things. I've recently started re-reading Harry Potter so I've got plenty of books to get through and I also love my colouring books, watching makeup tutorials, writing my blog, reading magazines and of course catching up on my favourite TV programmes. Always make time to give yourself a pamper too! If you need to feel distracted and something's on your mind - why not try something creative? You could do scrapbooking, filling a photo ablbum, write blog posts or get active at do some yoga at home.

Do you enjoy your own company or do you get lonely quickly? x
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1 comment

  1. I think sometimes it's just as nice to be on your own, than it is to be around people. I love down time, it gives me space to clear my head x