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I started my blog a whole three years ago so I suppose it shouldn't come as a surprise that I'm now a little bit stuck. I wanted to write this post to reach out to other bloggers to see if anyone is feeling similar to me when it comes to their blog. I'm finding that I keep having an on and off relationship with my blog and I can't put my finger on it. Previously, I'd spend so much of my spare time reading posts, taking photos, buying new products, writing and promoting and I loved every second of it - but recently I've been feeling more lost. Comparison is the thief of joy as the old saying goes. However, it's something that seems unavoidable when it comes to blogging. I absolutely love reading my favourite blogs and I've made some online friendships which I really value and only wish we lived closer. Despite being a big blog reader and honestly being happy when I see everyone's posts doing well and followers growing, sometimes it can make me feel a little bit stuck. I will be entirely honest with you and admit that sometimes I look at other bloggers doing so well with gorgeous photos and I'm thinking "Why is my blog not that good? Why can't I take photos like that?". 

I had around six months out of blogging last year because my heart wasn't in it at all and there was no point forcing it. Since then, I've written a few more posts that I am happy with but I still feel like I'm not quite getting it right - but I can't work out what the 'it' is! I feel like my blog doesn't seem to be moving anywhere right now, even though I know that's not why I started, sometimes it does knock my blogging confidence and make me wonder 'Well, what's the point?' I know it's probably just a little bit of a rocky patch and I'm hoping it will soon pass. If you have any tips for getting my mojo and blogging confidence back - please let me know! I'm definitely not giving up on my blog. I have put too much time, effort and passion into it to just let it all go. Since working full time, I think this has made a big difference as when I started my job last year that's actually when my blog came to a standstill. However, on the weekends and evenings that I have some spare time, I will dedicate that to my blog but only if I am happy to do so as I don't want it to become a chore - I just want to get the fun back into my posts like I used to. I have posts lined up ready to schedule and I just want to focus on what I enjoy writing and creating because my blog is not a job, but I find that I am putting pressure on myself to keep improving - which can definitely take away the fun and relaxation of blogging! 

If you have any tips, or understand how I feel, please let me know as it would really help me! x
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  1. I have recently found myself becoming a bit disconnected with my blog but I found that the only way to get back into it is to really throw into everything to do with it and the enjoyment soon come back. xx

  2. I know exactly how you feel. It's not that I'm stuck, there's plenty of content I could write, but when you compare yourself to others you feel yourself being stuck in a rut and feeling your content isn't good enough - I use to do this often. I don't force myself to write content anymore, not only because my life is more hectic than it used to be and blogging was my escape, but also because it takes up a lot of time and blogging is just my hobby. I write less than 10 posts a month now, and sometimes less than 5, but I've taken the pressure off myself to bring content everyday. I've noticed views and comments have gone down, but I feel more relaxed about blogging than I use to be :)

    - Kate xx

    A British Sparkle

  3. I took a 6 month break from blogging and when I came back I thought right, this time blog for me, so now I write what I want, the way I want and I don't keep looking at my stats all the time, try that hun.

    Meme xx

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  4. I know exactly how you feel.when I started my blog I was so excited. But now I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall. The only people who seem to read it are my family. Either that or people aren't commenting and it's just missing the interaction that pushes me to carry on writing. Carry on going and if you find a way of getting out of the slump please let me know :-) x