Stationery Wishlist


I've always been a sucker for stationery. No matter how many notebooks, pens and colouring books I own, there's always room for more (my mum will tell you differently but let's not worry about that!). As many bloggers do, I love a bit of online browsing, making a mental wishlist as I go along which usually ends up with me creating a wishlist to share with you. So for today's post, I wanted to share with you some pretty stationery items I've found over the past week or so. My favourite item of all has to be the 'Hot off the press' black hard-lined notebook from M&S - it really reminds me of the 
pricier Kate Spade notebooks which I've always lusted after thanks to their sleek packaging and slogans.

There's also a few other Kate Spade dupes which I have found in store at M&S which are gorgeous and a total bargain. Browsing through Paperchase, I came across this lovely Peter Rabbit scrapbook which I love as it reminds me of my nephew! I also found a Thankful Journal in which each day you just need to take a few minutes and write about what made you happy that day. As you can see, I've added in a few extra bits and bobs that also caught my eye.

Have you bought any new stationery lately? x
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  1. Love everything =]

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