The Ultimate At Home Chocolate Spa Experience.

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I absolutely love spa days. I love being able to go somewhere to be able to completely relax and switch off and of course be pampered whilst catching up on a good book or magazine. I've also recently been listening to spa and meditation music on the internet, which I love listening to before I fall asleep at night. I would definitely recommend it if you're feeling a little on edge or anxious as I've always scoffed at the idea of music being able to help me, but currently I do find it really helps me relax.

Unfortunately, apart from the odd Groupon deal here and there, spa days don't come cheap and if I won the lottery, I think I'd be visiting one each week! So, with that in mind I recently got thinking about some lovely new chocolate body products that I've picked up recently and thought I'd recommend them to you so that you can create your very own at home chocolate spa experience! So to start off, I run a lovely hot bubble bath using my favourite Avon Chocolate & Orange bubble bath. Not only is this a bargain for a 1 litre bottle, but it creates plenty of bubbles and fills the bathroom and even the landing with a heavenly scent. I'll find myself my latest book or magazine and make sure that my spa music is playing on my phone too. There's loads of different varieties on Youtube to choose from and it really reminds me of being in a spa treatment room! As well as my usual shower and bath products, I'll treat myself to my Avon Planet Spa Chocolate Face Mask. It has a stunning scent of chocolate and applies to the skin smoothly and dries on to the skin quickly. After my bath, I'll wash off the face mask with warm water and finish off my routine by applying my 'Beautifully Scrumptious' chocolate body butter which I picked up from the pound shop. 

I also think that to complete the full chocolate spa experience, it's only fair that you've got a chocolate bar to nibble on too! If you're now in the mood for treating yourself to some lovely chocolate treats without the calories - check out my previous post here
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