Perfect Summer Dresses With House Of Fraser

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We may be heading into Autumn any time soon, but there's still a chance that the sun will rear its head for us in order for us to finally wear a summer dress without receiving any strange looks! I love dresses as they are such a simple item of clothing to have in your wardrobe, are much more comfortable than wearing tight jeans and also makes you look like you made more of an effort than you actually have! With this in mind, I have worked with House of Fraser on this post to pick out some of my favourite picks of their womens designer dresses to share with you. I've tried to choose as big a variety as possible as we all have different tastes so we've got a mixture of stunning silver and glitter sequin dresses, maxi dresses and beautiful floral patterns. As there were so many gorgeous items to choose from, I decided to split it up into two separate wishlists - one for dresses under £50 and one for on the pricier side!

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1 comment

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