Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks

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I'm a huge lover of lipstick. Only recently have I started to realise that my makeup routine is not complete each day without a slick of different lipstick. I'm starting to become more confidence with the shades that I use such as bold reds, corals and paler pinks for a more neutral look. Seventeen are my favourite budget beauty brand thanks to their affordable pricing yet impressive products. Seventeen as a brand are exclusive to Boots and have recently released 12 new shades of the brand new Mega Matte lipsticks.

As you can see the packaging of each lipstick is pretty slimline, sleek black and really easy to fit more than one in your already jam packed makeup bag! With it being a matte lipstick, I was certainly expecting it to flake on my lips and not last very long - but I have to put my tail between my legs and admit I was wrong. On first application, I definitely recommend using a lip balm or exfoliator first as I did find that my lips were quite dry so that did initially make it a little harder to blend into my lips. This can be rectified easily by using a quick slick of lip balm before applying your chosen colour. I'm always a little sceptical about how long lipsticks are going to last compared to how long they actually do last - but the Mega Matte lipsticks honestly give a gorgeous bold colour to your lips and last a solid few hours before it needs topping up, which is just fine to me. There's nothing worse than realising an hour later that you're lipstick has completely disappeared but luckily this won't happen here! 

As I mentioned, there's plenty of shades to choose from. You can use Seventeen's 'Find your matte heaven' match wheel to help find your perfect shade if you feel that you'll need a little guidance. The stunning shades range from shades such as 'Violet Summer', 'Lava you a lot', 'Roses are red' and 'Nude News'. There's definitely a shade for everyone. The Mega Matte lipsticks are an absolute bargain at just £4.49 each and are available online at Boots or in store.

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1 comment

  1. love it !! I love the seventeen products.Such a lovely shades.

    Charming Coco