My Hemnes Dressing Table & Life Update.

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It's always been a goal of mine to own a dressing table. Some people want to become doctors, become famous, make scientific breakthroughs and then there's me, dreaming of the day that I finally own a dressing table - well that day has finally come! As I'm sure you're aware my blog has been so neglected this year but now that I am settled into my new home (more on that soon) I'm now thinking that now is the time to come back to blogging. Blogging in Autumn/winter is also my most favourite time as we all get to go crazy with the gift guides and festive themes, so I want to make an effort to come back to my online space.

Recently myself and my boyfriend bought our very first home together and over the past two months it has been absolutely crazy, spending every evening after a long day at work renovating and making it ours and I'm pleased to say we've finally made it to the finishing line. We definitely haven't finished, I have more things I want to buy but certainly can't afford and our garden needs work doing, but it will all come in time. I would like to add some more lifestyle and home posts to this blog too, so I'm going to get my thinking cap on. Also, I have two kittens! Arnold & Sylvester - I'm going to do a post about them soon as I love them so much I want to share them with you too.

So, ramble over, here's what I'm here to talk about. (Well, it's just a dressing table but still). On a recent trip to IKEA where we practically bought at least 20% of the store before having to fit it all in the back of a van and go home, I picked up my first ever dressing table. I chose the HEMNES dressing table with mirror  which cost me £135 (where's my stool?) and it's a crisp clean white with plenty of space for all my goodies, with a large mirror, two small drawers and a large drawer which is practically hidden underneath which makes the dressing table look even more sophisticated. It is also available in a gorgous pastel pink too! My bedroom has a gold glitter theme so I've added in plenty of gold sparkles to add to the decor of the room. I've included links above for anything incase it takes your fancy!

Anyone know where I can get a nice stool from?!
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1 comment

  1. Your dressing table looks lovely! I wish I had room for one of my own. I have no idea where you could get a nice stool, though, I would have thought it would come with it! x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels