Dreaming Of Spring Days

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        Nails //  Photo Frame // Bralette // Cushion // Dolce Perfume // Magnet Photo Frame // Candle // 
Boots // Dress //
We're almost entering into February now, meaning that Valentine's Day is coming up and also we're making our way towards Spring, so I thought I'd make a floral wishlist. I'd forgotten how much I love finding things to create wishlists, it's a bit like an online scrapbook that doesn't involve glue and scissors! As you can see above, I've filled this wishlist with lovely, pretty floral items which I adore. I've always been a huge fan of florals as they just never go out of fashion! I decided to include some homeware items in this wishlist too - which are all bargains! I also love these Miss Selfridge shoes (which I know for a fact I wouldn't be able to walk in!) - apparantly they are a bloggers favourite and are now sold out but I've been out of the loop lately so I've found a link to an ebay seller you can buy them from. I couldn't make a floral wishlist without including a stunning dress which I have chosen from their going out dresses range. No floral outfit would be complete without nails to match and a light perfume to accessorize. 

Are you looking forward to Spring? x

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