My Living Room Tour: Part One

Since moving into my first ever home that is just mine and my fiancee's (can't get used to saying that yet) - I've decided that not only do I want to get back into some of my hobbies, but I'd definitely like to get back into blogging again. I want to try and turn this into a more home themed blog with tips that I would have found useful when I was saving to move out and general snippets of my new home life but I think I'll also be adding beauty here and there as well as wishlists etc. To kick off my new home posts, I thought I'd show you my favourite room of our house - the living room! When we moved in it was squeaky clean with a very simple decor of white walls and furniture, it looked gorgeous and sleek but it wasn't quite for us. We opted for a light grey paint on all four walls and we repainted the staircase in white to freshen it up a little. I have tried to include all links where I can in case you see anything you like, but some items aren't available online anymore.

In the centre of our living room, we have a plain white IKEA coffee table which is perfect to brighten up the room and of course to use as storage! I couldn't quite decide how to jazz it up enough just so that it would add some glamour to the white surface, but I eventually decided on this little get up. My mum bought me this silver glitter tray from Dunelm (you'll soon realise that silver glitter is the theme for our living room!) and I decided to add my favourite accessories. My partner bought me the home sweet home candles from B&M when we first moved in as a suprise gift so I really treasure it and like to keep it on display. I then added this lovely star quote from Dunelm which is a quote I should definitely live by and these gorgeous love arrangement faux flowers which were in the sale in Dunelm. 

We bought our corner sofa from DFS, with the silver and grey theme in mind. In all honesty, I didn't think there was a massive amount of choice from DFS when we first visited, but I knew that this would suit the living room perfectly and I do love a corner sofa! The cushions come as part of a sofa and I think they help complete the look - but I'm thinking of adding some of my own too for added effect. We also have the matching cuddle chair which is amazing! It's my favourite place to put my feet up after work and relax. The good thing about buying your sofa from DFS is that you can put it on a 0% finance loan for 4 years, so you dont' have to worry about paying upfront or paying interest. 

Next to our sofa, we have a bargain side table from IKEA (we pretty much bought the whole shop!) I tend to hide my handbag underneath it and on top I added this sparkly silver lamp from Argos, which is perfect for making the living room look cosy without the brighter main light. We also have my wax melt burner which is perfect for me as I didn't used to be confident with candles (although I am getting better lately!) and there are so many different wax melts to choose from without having to splash out on a larger candle. I picked up this little white post holder from B&M for just £1.99 and thought it would be great to pop any letters in rather than dumping them on the table like I normally do!

My fireplace is often chopped and changed around by myself depending what mood I am in, but I think I am happy with it currently! I love my silver glitter 'love' and 'home' signs which are another bargain from B&M! (That's my current favourite shop!). I also have our initial candles from Asda which were very affordable and I bought these months ago before we had even chosen a house! We have our TV mounted to the wall which I love as it saves us on storage and it's like having our own mini cinema! I have some false flowers in the centre, two silver sparkle photo frames with one photo of my family and one photo of my partner's family. Next to that we have my PS4, my lovely cat ornament, silver star and cat ring holder. 

I absolutely love my wall shelf which stands next to our fireplace. At first I had absolutely no idea what to put on the shelf but I soon began adding my favourite silver accessories. I added some gorgeous silver photo frames from Next with photos of us over the past six years. I have a glittery calendar block from New Look (which I tend to update about once a week!!). I also have a mantlepiece clock which I tend to move about quite often but I love it as it's got such a sparkle to it  up close. Next to my photo frames, I added some LED silver glitter candles. 

I hope you enjoyed my living room tour and I still have more bits and bobs to show you around the room so I think I am going to write up a part two! 

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