My Marquee LED Love Light

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Marquee and LED lights are all over the home ware shops at the moment and I absolutely love this trend. I'm a sucker for a cute item which not only spruces the room up but will literally light it up too. I'm a huge fan of 'love' and 'home' plaques, so when I saw this 'Love' LED marquee light for a bargain price of just £10.00 - I added it to my basket straight away and the next day it was taking pride of place on my fireplace! Being white, it's completely versatile for any room and can be placed on a shelf, fireplace, coffee or bedside table - it will fit in cosily anywhere! What I love the most about LED lights and candles is how it creates such a calming effect. I know that I am home and ready to relax when my lights are switched on, my candles are lit and my TV is on ready to watch my favourite programmes - and that's when I am my calmest. 

I bought this light from Asda for a very reasonable price and in fairness it came wrapped up so tight it was like pass the parcel! Have you seen in weddings lately, a lot of people tend to have the huge LED love letters or their initials instead? Well I think that looks fabulous and is something I definitely want to have at my own wedding! This miniature version means that I get to see it everyday and only needs two batteries to keep it going. I thought I'd also show you how it looks when the main lights are off - it's so cute!
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