Sweet Dreams Returns.

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Am I finally ready to return to my blog? I think that I am but I've decided that there's some things that I would like to change. Firstly, I'd like to focus less on beauty and focus more on home and lifestyle, always as general things that I am enjoying lately such as reading, wellbeing and general lifestyle ideas that are interesting me. I don't want to be focused on followers, how many people are reading and I also want to keep the blog focussed not so much on beauty (despite the Sweet Dreams Beauty name!). I'm not saying that I will cut out beauty completely, I will still be writing reviews when I get the chance and showing you any of my favourite products, but I think it's important too that I show other aspects of my life as in a way, a blog is like a public diary - somewhere you can go to escape, share your favourite things and also meet others who are just like you. I have never given up on this blog because I've spent so much time and effort working on it and loved every minute of it, but I also feel that part of me has grown up from it now - which is why I want to try and add some more lifestyle themes that are more relevant to my life now. I'm a nosy parker and love reading about who is behind the blog, so seeing as I've been away for over six months, it's about time I filled you in about what's been going on.

In September, my partner and I got the keys to our very first home. This is something that we have worked for years for and was always an amibition of ours to have a cosy home that would be just for us two, all off our own backs. As with any move, it was pretty stressful due to all the solicitors work, mortgage applications, IKEA trips and never ending bills - but it's all been worth it. I won't talk too much about the house as I did discuss it in my previous 'Where have I been?' post. You can also hear more about my two gorgeous yet mischievous kittens, Arnold & Sylvester. 

We got engaged!
Typing this still feels so strange! We have been together for six years in March and I always knew that one day we would get married but I had no idea when and in all honestly it wasn't on my mind. So, it came as a complete shock on Christmas morning (our first ever Christmas in our house) when he proposed to me completely out of the blue which a beautiful engagement ring. I am so happy and am smiling as I read this as I feel like it's the next step in our relationship and I'm so glad that we have each other. We haven't started wedding planning, just a few rough ideas and we are hoping to get married in either 2018 or 2019. I will keep you updated. Also if you're in the mood for reading about weddings, my gorgeous sister is rather obsessed with them (luckily for me!) and she has set up her very own wedding blog - A Pretty Little Wedding.

Hope you've all been well - I've got lots of blog reading to catch up on! x 

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