Home Decor #1: Yellow

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As I want to turn my blog into more of a 'home' blog, I've decided to put a new twist on my usual wishlist posts which I always love making. As well as my themed wishlists, I'm creating my own new series of 'Home Decor' and each time I'll bring you lovely products that I've found. I have lots of decor ideas in my head what with different colours, rooms and themes, I can channel my creativity and put each and every one of them into a wishlist style post showing you how you can style your home - and as always I'll be on the look out for bargains! For my first in the series I've gone with the colour yellow. Yellow always used to be my favourite colour as a child and I always remember having a light yellow jumper on it with white daisies that I loved so much. My sister has recently been adding in some yellows to her kitchen to brighten it up for Spring so I thought I'd pick out some of my favourite yellow items that are new on the high street.
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My Dream Honeymoon Cruise Destinations*

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I am yet to book my own wedding, never mind a honeymoon but that doesn't mean I can't dream does it?! My favourite holiday of all time has to be when my partner and I visited the Centara Ras Fushi Resort in the Maldives in April last year. It was magical and hard to believe that such a place of beauty actually exists! I'm definitely thinking that for our honeymoon we should go back to the Maldives, but I can also keep my options open too! With travel in mind, I thought I'd share with you  Cruise Club UK where you can book last minute cruise deals and not forgetting it's Valentine's Day tomorrow - who knows, maybe we'll get whisked away to somewhere exotic? Okay, maybe not, but who's to say we can't imagine?! I've never been on a cruise before and it's something that I'd love to try one day as you can wake up one day and be in a completely different place and then somewhere else the next - I love how varied that is. I'm suprised at how much choice there is to be honest, I wasn't expecting that you could visit all these places in one trip. Also I think it's great that you don't have to be hopping between airports and planes and being sandwiched up like sardines on a plane with that person in front of you leaning their seat back!! 

1) Being a girl on a budget the first cruise that definitely caught my eye were the deals for under £599 - bargain! That would be a pretty last minute deal for around two months notice but there are lots of last minute cruises to choose from. I still think that's pretty good going and plenty of time to get your bikini and sunglasses packed. There are so many different exotic locations of cruises to choose from and in all honestly I think they are pretty reasonably priced (which is just what  I need!). 

2) There's a 24 night Carribean cruise which takes you to St Lucia, Grenada and St Kitts as well as lots more locations - now that would be an amazing honeymoon! (Not that I'd be allowed off work that long though!!) I can just see me now in my sunhat and bikini stopping off at all these amazing locations with a cocktail and a good book in my hand - it's like something only the celebrities would get to access eh?! 

3) Dubai stay - how amazing would it be to visit Dubai? They have such a different culture to us that I think it would be really interesting to see - although it seems to becoming a cool place for the reality stars to be papped on the beach these days! 

4) Oh my gosh, Hawaii! A 16 night hawaiian holiday, yes please! Ever since seeing S Club 7 go to Miami and threw a Honolulu party, I've always loved the look of it - especially wearing a hula skirt and a coconut bra haha! On that S Club note, I just found Miami 7 on Youtube .. .be right back, you can thank me later!

5) The Prestige Cruise Club - well if we're going to do it, we may as well do it in style! This is owned by the same company however the cruise liners are more luxurious with super posh suites and lots of restaurants to choose from. If reading this has got you in holiday mode - check out my summer holiday beauty essentials.

So there we have it, some perfect honeymoon destination ideas! Like I said, I'm not going anywhere just yet but it's always good to have a look at the different places and prices that are available. I'm interested to know if you've ever been on a cruise before or whether it's not quite your thing? x

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