Home Decor #1: Yellow

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As I want to turn my blog into more of a 'home' blog, I've decided to put a new twist on my usual wishlist posts which I always love making. As well as my themed wishlists, I'm creating my own new series of 'Home Decor' and each time I'll bring you lovely products that I've found. I have lots of decor ideas in my head what with different colours, rooms and themes, I can channel my creativity and put each and every one of them into a wishlist style post showing you how you can style your home - and as always I'll be on the look out for bargains! For my first in the series I've gone with the colour yellow. Yellow always used to be my favourite colour as a child and I always remember having a light yellow jumper on it with white daisies that I loved so much. My sister has recently been adding in some yellows to her kitchen to brighten it up for Spring so I thought I'd pick out some of my favourite yellow items that are new on the high street.
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1 comment

  1. I've been thinking about switching up my room to a yellow theme recently. I spotted that yellow 'Hello' a few weeks ago and loved it! Next and surprisingly, Sainsburys have some fab yellow bedding atm too!xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk