5 Things That Happen When You Become A Cat Mum

My boys: Arnold (L) & Sylvester (R)

1) You are a mother now.
So, you may not have given birth to your cat, but they love you as if you did, so let's go with it anyway. Being a cat mother comes with many responsibilities - take them to after school clubs, packing their lunches etc - ok not really, but you still need to fill up those cat bowls three times a day (no Whiskas for mine unless I'm in the mood for cleaning up interesting things in the litter tray), provide them with fresh water, clean their litter trays, let them out and back in - the possibilities are endless, but they come first now!

2) I can't come out, I have a cat.
Ok of course you can go out in the nights and leave your cat to roam about the house freely - in fact they probably wouldn't even notice you left the building never mind care - but you might just find yourself wanting to stay in more and more because, well, the cat needs you.

3)You will become cat obsessed.
Ooh, a cat magnet! A cat mug. Oh my gosh, a jumper with cats on it. That's how your life tends to go. So much so, that I even subscribe to a cat magazine. Yes, you read that right. Ooh look a cat! Stop and cuddle it immediately.

4) You'll become overprotective.
A cat in your garden, how cute! Wait, he must leave immediately - he's stepping on my cat's turf! Shoo! Shoo! My cats will be going outside for the first time next week so I'll be watching them from the window like an overprotective mother and making sure they have a kiss each before they go!

5) You'll choose to buy them treats rather than yourself.
A new lipstick with my last fiver? Oh but my kittens could really do with a new bag of Dreamies and a new toy mouse, so I better go with that choice instead! Who'd have thought it eh?! 
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  1. Oh my gawwwd! These babies are so incredibly cute! You must a very proud mummy ;)


  2. Yes this all sounds about right! Just wait until someone comes to you and says one of the following 'I just don't like cats' or 'Cats just don't like me,' - you don't need those people in yours or your cat baby's life!

    Hannah | Granite City Girl x