Home Decor #2: Silver Glitter Bathroom

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 Bath Accessories // Mirror // Bin // Blocks // Relax // Sparkle Plaque // Toilet Brush // Glitter Tile Grout

I've always loved making wishlists and if you've been following my blog for some time, you'll know that already! I've recently become interested in following home decor posts and creating new themes and ideas that I can use around my home and also share with others. When we moved into our house, we completely renovated the bathroom and I decided on a theme of black glitter. My fiance did it all by himself and did an amazing job - I love it so much! I have sparkly black glitter tiles and of course I then accessorized with lots of glitter accessories. You may be thinking that decorating a bathroom doesn't sound too much fun but once you decide on a theme, it's all systems go and you get to choose lots of pretty things to make it look as cosy as possible - especially if you have a bath, you want to create a nice and cosy environment. 

We had spotlights fitted to the ceiling of our bathroom and we also bought a huge Hollywood mirror for the wall which is very similar to the the one linked above. It looks amazing if I do say so myself and really adds to the glamours effect of the room. Pebble Grey have a wide range of mirrors available to help you complete this - you could either supersize like I have or have a smaller version on display as you do your makeup each morning! As I said, my bathroom is black glitter themed but for a change and an excuse to go nosing at more house products, I decided to go for a silver glitter theme for this post - I hope you enjoy! x

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