Home Decor #3: The Garden

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Spring is finally upon us and as the weather is gradually beginning to brighten up, my fiancé and I have been giving our first ever garden a makeover. When we first moved in, we pretty much neglected it at first as it was full of overgrown bushes with lots of work to be done and of course the most important thing was to get the inside of the house looking spotless before we could even think about starting on the outside! My partner has been hard at work over the past month or so, digging out all the old bushes, cutting trees down, putting down gravel stones, making a rockery and soon we’re pulling up the old patio and replacing it with a brand new one. So whilst he has been hard at work on the physical side of things, I’ve been busy wondering how to decorate the garden! I’ve seen this lovely furniture set from Fishpools which would look amazing next to our patio doors. I am so excited for when we can finally sit outside in the evenings and enjoy our garden when it’s all ready to go. I’ve also been thinking about the smaller decorations such as ornaments, plaques and I couldn’t believe how cute this picnic condiment set was from B&M – perfect for a barbeque! 

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