Lee Stafford Academy Hair Straighteners

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Recently I was lucky enough to try out and review on my blog a lovely new pair of Lee Stafford hair straighteners. I've always loved using Lee Stafford hair products over the years - I remember using them religiously as a teen! However I was yet to try any of their electrical products as I tend to stick to what I know. The straightener I was given to review is the Academy Ionic Flat Hair Straightener from Amazon. I currently use my GHD's so I promise to give you a proper review as the Lee Stafford straighteners are a bit more reasonably priced depending on your budget. 

As you can see the straightener arrived in gorgeous, sleek box with the classic shades of brightly coloured pink boxing around the actual pair of straighteners.There's nothing like a bit of gorgeous packaging is there? It gets my attention straight away and always gives me that little buzz of having something new - and double brownie points if there's pink involved! The straighteners themselves are sleek, black and matte and they heat up super quickly by heating up in just ten seconds which is perfect for when we're in a rush in the mornings before work! You can choose the heat of your straighteners from the lowest temperature of 80 to 230 - I'm afraid I always go to the highest temperature to make sure my hair gets as straight as possible - not forgetting my heat protection spray of course! I found that the straighteners worked really quickly to make my hair smooth and I felt that the nano silver iron plates really glided through my hair without leaving it feeling damaged. Please excuse my poor describing skills here – but I feel the plates have a firm grip on the hair meaning that my hair will straighten quicker and I then use less heat as I don’t have to keep going over the same strand of hair to make sure it’s completely straight. I also noticed a difference in how long my hair stayed poker straight – sometimes my ends can go a little flyaway throughout the day but not with these! The straighteners also come equipped with a heat protection guard making it easier to carry the straighteners with you when you travel and have only just used them – I think they could have improved here by including a heat protection mat too?

The straighteners currently retail at £79.99 which may not be dirt cheap if you’re on a budget like I am – but so far I honestly think they have more staying power than my current GHDs which retail at around £115, so I am happy to honestly say that I believe they are worth the money- and I’d never say that if it wasn’t true as we all know how frustrating it can be to spend a lot of money on a product that you then don’t get on with at all. 

What's your favourite hair straightener? x
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