Christian Aid’s Big Brekkie 2017

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I'm finally back for a new post and today is all about helping others and charity. I know that lots of us get a buzz from helping others and it really makes me feel good inside knowing that I have made a difference to somebody's day. Today marks the first day of 'Christian Aid's Big Brekkie 2017' which runs from 14th - 20th May. In a similar way to holding a Macmillian coffee morning at work or at home, Christian Aid are asking us to hold a breakfast morning where ever you fancy it and to show your support to the campaign and to refugees.

You can hold the breakfast where-ever you like,invite whoever you like and most importantly - eat whatever you like! You could charge a small entry fee to collect some spare money for the charity. You could be creative and have a tropical themed breakfast with mocktails (or the real deal) to pretend you're on the beach or go for a good old traditional fry up, the choice is yours. You can sign up here to receive a completely free fundraising pack which will include recipe cards and balloons.

Let me know if you or anyone you know decides to sign up!

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