Hush Premium Mattress Review

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Recently I was a very lucky lady and had the chance to review a brand new premium mattress from Hush. Now I will be honest and say that I was not expecting to be blown away by a mattress – but I most definitely was. As always with any review, I promise to review the mattress honestly, and if I was not happy with its quality or anything in particular, I wouldn’t review it or would point out any changes that I think could be made. I know how hard we work for our money so I would never recommend something that I wouldn’t have been happy with. I moved out towards the beginning of last year, trudging with me in the back of my partner’s van was my trusty old mattress. Fast forward a few months and here I am each night lying on a luxurious premier memory foam mattress!

Hush created their premium mattress which features full size springs and foam – for pure comfort! The mattress is available in four different sizes with prices beginning at £370. I must admit that I am not too educated on the price of mattresses and what is a good deal, but with the double I have retailing at £520, it may seem pricey upon first impression but it honestly is worth the money as it will last for years and I would have been happy to save up for it myself. If only we could try out these mattresses before buying as it’s rather hard to guess online isn’t it?! The mattress is topped with a deep layer of a next generation foam. When my partner and I first had a test of this, it felt so much higher and sturdier than my usual rather flat mattress! I felt myself sink into the memory foam straight away and couldn’t believe how much of a difference that it made to my sleep. I find it so much comfier and I feel this has helped my quality of sleep – which is so important to all of us.

Delivery is free to Wales, Scotland and England and the mattress actually comes squeezed into a box that was smaller than I am, meaning you don’t have to lug the whole mattress up the stairs like the Chuckle Brothers. Now, here comes the fun part – you open the box, unwrap the wrapping and the mattress automatically begins to unravel, making an awesome bubble wrap popping noise and it inflates across the bed – it was like a magic trick! It was so easy to use, it’s ridiculous! All we had to do was take the box upstairs, open the box and ta-dah, here’s our brand new super comfy memory foam mattress!

All in all, I can honestly recommend Hush as a brand that I would be more than happy to purchase from myself and I think that’s the most important point when writing a review. I feel like my quality of sleep has improved since sleeping on it each night and it feels like a real treat going to bed – the only problem I can report is having to get out if it in the morning when the alarm goes off! Thank you so much, Hush!
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