The Perfect Sleep

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When life is so busy what with work, college, or university as well as trying to juggle your social life and whatever else you have going on, sometimes it can be hard to switch off properly. Since moving out I have found that I have a lot less time to myself due to my commute to work and then making dinner and doing housework when I get home which I think I am slowly getting into a routine for! With us all being so busy it’s really important that we get a good night’s sleep so that our bodies can repair overnight. So with that in mind, I’m going to share how I manage to drift off to sleep each night.

Listen to music.
Recently I have been listening to a hypnosis audiotape which is meant to aid relaxation and ease stress. This is something that has helped me massively and I want to talk about this is in a seperate post because I feel I can't give it the attention it deserves here. I also enjoy listening to podcasts and find these help me to take my mind off things and focus on something else. Have you tried listening to spa music? There's lots of different varieties free on Youtube and sometimes if I'm feeling on edge or anxious, I'll put this on quietly to listen in my headphones as I fall asleep. It's also lovely to listen to when you're in a hot bubble bath!

Make your bed as comfy as possible.

We all love to be in our beds right?! So it’s important to make sure your bedroom is a place you feel comfortable in and can relax in. Decorate it however you wish whether that be candles, a new duvet cover, fluffy cushions or even just making sure that you’ve got a good book on your bedside table. If you saw my recent blog post, you’ll have seen my gorgeous new mattress I was lucky enough to review – I can’t enough tell you how much this has improved my sleep and I just sink into it straight away! If you fancy treating yourself to a new mattress, you can have a browse at

You can find a whole host of other tips I have previously written in my previous post here.  *CP

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