HD Eye & Brow Kit Review

If you’re reading this review, chances are you enjoy beauty products so you may understand the importance of our brows and how they frame our faces. Up until around a year ago, I was never fussed on filling in my eyebrows until I started using Benefit’s Brow Zings which I love. My Brow Zings has sadly come to the end of its life and retailing at £23.50, I was hoping to find a cheaper alternative. Enter HD Eye & Brow Kit. I had heard and read great reviews of both the products and treatments, so I was keen to try it out for myself. it must have been my lucky day when I decided to check it out further as HD Brows official website were offering 10% off all products and free delivery so it seemed the perfect time to give it a try.

The Eye and Brow kit is available in three different shades. ‘Bombshell’ is best for fair hair and skin. ‘Foxy’ is best for medium and hair and skin whilst ‘Vamp’ being the darkest shades are best for dark hair and skin. Being a brunette, it appeared that ‘Foxy’ would be the best suited shade for my hair and skin tone for myself. The kits packaging is kept simple yet sophisticated with its black outer colouring and their traditional HD Brows logo embedded on the cover. Inside the kit you will find a built in compact mirror, four different shades and a double sided versatile brush. The four anti-smudge powders are each matte finishes and double up as eye shadows as well brow colours. The four shades include ‘Nude’, ‘Warm Brown’, ‘Dark Brown’ and ‘Carbon’. ‘Nude’ can be used as a highlighter under your brows or to create a neutral eye shade. I have personally found that ‘Dark Brown’ suits my brows the best, whereas on days where I want a lighter shade I will use ‘Warm Brown’ as an alternative. ‘Carbon’ is a shade too dark for my brows so I do tend to neglect this shade. The beauty of this palette is you can also double up with the shades and create the perfect smoky eye. The quality of the powders are excellent and I really long lasting. A usual makeup day I am more concerned about the longevity of my foundation and luckily enough the HD Eye & Brow Kit means I don’t have to worry about my brows at all. It stays perfectly in place throughout the day and I can highly recommend this palette. The kit has become an everyday favourite in my makeup routine and it’s now a step that I don’t miss out on. If I could make one adjustment, I’d love to be able to buy the shades alone as I get the most use out of ‘Warm Brown’ it would make sense for me to be able to buy this particular shade alone. It does seem pretty pricey, with the palette retailing at £19.95, but with four shades which are completely versatile, you definitely get your moneys worth.

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