Do You Need Boiler Insurance?

Boiler insurance is one of the things you will always want to look around for, but it can never really be solved. But once your boiler breaks down, in the freezing cold, you want to keep it. Boiler repair services are not only cheap, but also cost a lot for boiler insurance. Is it worth it, or is it just a breeze?

Why The Insurance Is Known As Boiler?

British Gas Statistics Every year, on average one in 14 boilers fails or produces an error. At best, it’s inconvenient; Bad, dangerous.

Thousands of elderly people are hospitalized every year due to the cold, and if a boiler breaks down, parents of young children may struggle to cope. For everyone else, this is a real nuisance (hello to a frost house and snow-cold shower) and worth avoiding as much as possible.

People take out boiler insurance policies in the hope that they will have quick, cheap access to a heating engineer in the event of a bad event. But is it really worth it and are there alternatives?

Do You Really Need to Have Boiler Cover?

Ask yourself these questions to find out if you need a boiler cover, if so, what type:

Is your boiler new? If it has been installed within the last 12 months, it must still be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. You must be provided with the relevant letters during installation, so check it out. Also, under the Goods Sales Act 1979, anything you buy must be of ‘satisfactory quality’ and ‘fit for purpose’. It is the retailer’s responsibility to prove that within the first six months of purchasing an item, it has been ‘sold for the purpose’. If they can’t prove it they will have to change it – you may need an engineer’s report to show that it was wrong in the beginning.

Are you already on your home insurance? Some insurers will automatically cover boiler breakdowns so you can already be protected. Don’t waste money if you don’t need extra insurance.

Do you personally need the cover? If you are only renting, it is the responsibility of your landlord to take out the boiler insurance and repair it if it breaks.

Is your boiler too old? Most boiler schemes exclude samples over 15 years of age, and any samples over 7 years of age may need to be inspected. Check to see if your particular brand is covered as some older products are sometimes excluded.

Should you go for the ‘boiler only’ or ‘full heating system’ cover? Cheap boiler insurance policies only cover the cost of the boiler and controls, but if you want to get a little extra, you can ensure the safety of your entire heating system, including radiators and pipes. Whether or not you get this type of card depends on how much you think these will cost and how much of an issue they will be if you do.

What does the insurer consider an emergency? Some insurance providers do not think the lack of hot water is an emergency, while others will rush to repair your boiler during the winter months. If you go for a policy, make sure you have opinions like yours about what an emergency is.

What is their claim period? Most new projects now have no claim period to prevent people from registering on the day the boiler breaks down and then stop claiming ownership. Any claim period can last up to 30 days, so this is another reason to sign up soon (before winter really starts.

Have you been shopping around? As with most types of insurance, there is great variation in the prices and features of boiler insurance. Keep in mind that cheap is not always happy when it comes to insurance, so check out what the policies cover and go to companies you know that are as reliable as possible.

Easy Ways to Compare Boiler Insurance Policies:

Go to our boiler insurance comparison (also known as ‘heating insurance’) to find the best policy for you.

There are a variety of projects.

The most common is the free annual boiler service worth 75, which helps your boiler run safely and efficiently.

If yours is economically unrepairable, most will contribute to the price of the new boiler.

Make sure you get a policy that includes what you need. For example, in some cases the boiler can be replaced only if it is under a certain age. On top of that you get a partial replacement and you have to pay the rest. Others will evaluate on a ‘case-by-case’ basis.

Add Boiler Covers to Your Home Insurance:

Some providers will add a boiler card to your home insurance for an additional fee, which may be less than buying a separate policy.

Again, if you go for boiler inclusion in your home insurance policy, make sure it is the policy you need. Any of them will only cover boilers with an annual service check, which can cost up to 75. So, if you have not already done this, or you cannot find a good deal, you may be even better off with a boiler maintenance policy that includes a free annual service check.

Customer Service of Boiler Insurance:

When it comes to boiler maintenance, customer service is paramount. Where are our friends? Conducted a survey on customer satisfaction and Worcester topped the list with 70% marks. British Case 55% for customer service, Home serve just 46%.

Online, every boiler maintenance policy seems to receive glowing reviews and negative reports from customers. To find out what other customers think about the policy you have chosen, go to

Self-insuring Your Boiler:

As you know, we think it is better to ‘self-insure’ where possible than to pay the insurance companies (you can see which storage pots you should keep from this article). This means setting up a special savings account that you can sink into only if you have repairs to pay. The question is, how much should you put it in, and how much is it possible to repair your boiler?

The chance of your boiler breaking down depends on many factors, mainly its age and repair condition. When considering the risks of self-insurance, ask yourself the following questions:

Is my boiler less than seven years old?

Is it in repair (was it checked by a Gorky registered engineer, did they mention anything that needs to be replaced soon?)

If it breaks, do I know the reputable, trusted local engineer I can call? What will they charge me?

In case of emergency, can I buy a new boiler?

If you say yes to all of these questions, then self-insurance may be the way forward. You keep a certain amount in a bank account every month and use this to cover up any repairs. For example, if you decide to allocate $ 16 a month, you will have an annual kitty of £ 192, which currently costs an average of திக 185 to repair a boiler.

If your boiler does not break, you should keep the money.

If your boiler is on its last legs, it’s time to set aside at least 1,000 to replace it (if you have not already). Try to save money before you change it. Being without a boiler for several weeks, especially in winter, is not a fun scene!

P.S Help for Home-call Customers:

When we first started this section we included Home-call’s boiler service. However, recently they went to the bust and pushed a lot of customers. Those who have registered for their service until December 3, 2010 are still covered by Brit Insurance, but no one who joined after that date is protected. However, Home-Serve has informed us that any Home-Call customers who have Home-Call + can have Home1 and ‘Home-Serve Home Emergency Cover’ for one year.

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