How to Get £60 an Hour While Getting Fit

Dog walking is a great way to make money on the side and stay fit at the same time. Especially in cities, there is a lot of demand for dog walking services and it is very paid.

Some even quit their day job to set up a full-time dog walking business.

Dog Walking is becoming the most popular way to make money in the UK, which is not surprising.

You make good money (-15 10-15 per dog per hour or part of an hour)

This is a fantastic exercise

It is very flexible

Great way to meet a new partner (I said). Imagine – you make money, you meet the love of your life.

People, especially in London and the South, are willing to pay $ 10-15 per dog, an hour or a fraction per hour. So you can earn £ 60 an hour if you walk four at a time! Of course, there are other aspects to this job, so before you immerse yourself in the dog walking business you need to know what the potential costs and disadvantages are.

Here are all the best and easy ways to get cash by walking a dog.

What Is Involved in Dog Walking?

Dog walking is really as simple as that. You arrange to pick up the animals, take them for a walk and then return home. For each dog you have to do it twice a day, if a good walk is at least half an hour – i.e. an hour.

Dog walkers are charged per dog, per hour. Rates range from about -15 10-15 per dog, per hour (or in some cases half an hour). If you can take multiple dogs at once, that means you can earn a significant amount per day.

However, be careful not to take too many dogs to a walking spot to start with you. If you have never done this type of work before, it is best to start with one dog, but initially three or four dogs can deal with them depending on size, speed and level of obedience.

Then, when you get to know their characters, you can organize them into groups together. There are currently no legal limits on how many dogs you can take out at one time, but local councils say dog ​​walkers have more animals out there than they can deal with at any given time.

Dog Walking – Earn £ 60 an Hour When Appropriate Key Issues:

Dogs do not run away and come back – dangerous and bad for business!

They could not be cleaned after all – illegal and health risk.

National Guidelines Six is ​​the maximum number of dogs that can be tackled by hikers at a time. However, some local councils have introduced their own rules, for example, in North Lincolnshire, a maximum of four dogs at a time.

Make sure you know and follow the rules in your area or you may be fined. Your local council can answer any questions you may have, so call them before you begin.

It is also important to realize that this work is not always ‘walking in the park’! You may be given dogs to treat those who are too sick to go out, which can lead to emergency runs and difficult conversations with owners.

When they do not come home, or you ignore the dogs, you have to deal with the owners who leave you to feed them and deal with the diseases that may be causing them. If you have a lot of dogs to walk to every day, you may spend extra hours dealing with the problem.

Getting a Job as a Dog Walker:

First, you need to decide if you want to work for a company or go it alone. Both methods have their advantages. The chances of getting an initial job are high if you are registered with an agency, but they may charge you to take you to the books and reduce your income.

Try searching for ‘dog walking jobs’ to see the offer, or you can sign up at the National Company Animal Aunts. Individuals will sometimes look for dog walkers on work boards like Gum tree.

A good name is often important for getting a job, so if you want to keep track of the profession, sign up with the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters. However, be warned that membership will not come cheap, so it is not necessary if you are looking for odd jobs.

If you choose to be self-employed, you need to think about how you can improve your dog walking business. Also remember that you have to register as a self-employed person with HMRC and pay your taxes every year.

Posting an ad on a pet, veterinary surgeon or Gum tree is a great first step, or why not do some test dog walking sessions with friends? Tell them to spread?

If you are confident, talk to those who walk their dogs in the park. Again, they will trust you more if you already treat your own dog.

Another good starting point for your dog walking is printing business cards. Sign in to Vista Print, where they offer 100 packages for around 10! You can ask local cafes and other small businesses if you can leave them for customers to see or try to post through letterboxes.

Thousands of dog owners a month come to websites looking for help to keep their dogs running – be it daily walking, boarding a dog or regular sitting. Once you get live, you can provide quotes with your own prices to hundreds of dog owners per week.

A regular daily walk will allow you to earn £ 200 a dog per month, and it is a great way to fit in when making money by caring for someone’s furry friend. Do your research and then immerse yourself!

What is the Business Cost of Walking a Dog?

The running costs of a dog walking business should not involve much in setting up or operating the costs of running this type of business.

It helps to have a car to reach people, so petrol can be a factor.

Also, pooper-scoopers and boobs bags and extra collars or leashes for the original roast should be ready for you (you can ask the owner if you have a spare package before purchasing yours).

You may also want to get gloves and / or anti-bacterial gel to keep your hands hygienic.

Besides, the biggest cost would be insurance. You should talk first to find out what insurance the dog owner already has.

Consider pet business insurance as a whole package offering; Public Responsibility – If the dog runs down the road and causes a pile or bites someone. Care, Guard and Control Card – Take care of the pet if it is injured while in your care; and the main replacement card – if you lose your boss’ keys, they will pay to change the locks.

The market rate for insurance starts at around 70 per year, however this price will be for the most basic coverage. Evaluate your needs and shop for the best deal for you.

Use our public liability insurance comparison to find the right card for you.

Offer a Deal Which Is Unbeatable:

In times of severe economic like this, you have to sweeten the deal for customers to fight the competition. Providing both dog walking and pet mindset services together can be very beneficial to you and increase the level of your desire.

Additional services you can provide include pet food, washing pet clothes and bedding, and watering indoor and garden plants. Likewise, until the money is arranged in advance with the owner, a patient will be happy to see the patient coming with their pet. This is a great way to earn extra money on top of your dog walking activities.

In the middle of the week you can offer regular veterinary visits for annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. These times are less busy, giving less stress to the pets involved. It is also an easy service to provide too busy customers working during the week!

You can give a pet B&B to carry a dog or small pet like a hamster, give you a home for a few days, a full-time company for a finishing touches, or go for a short time, especially with cats. It is best to do this only if you have experience in full-time pet care. Check out our article here on how to set up a pet sitting function.

Remember, it is important to sell yourself as a service that removes stress and annoys the customer. Lots of people have dogs, but are very busy walking and taking care of themselves.

Always be realistic, but market yourself as a time-saving asset. Also remember to communicate your enthusiasm for dogs to build confidence.

Important: Laws That Affect You:

Under Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 if you lose control of a dog in your care it is your legal responsibility, not the owner’s responsibility.

Under the Dogs (Livestock Protection) Act 1953 and the Animals Act 1971, a dog should not cause distress to livestock on farmland. It is actually legal to shoot a dog if farmers believe it poses a significant threat to their livestock. A dog can be damaged to escape livestock because sheep and cows may break their legs when trying to run.

At that point the person responsible for the dog will be blamed, not the owner. Therefore, be careful when walking in depressions or fields, especially around the lamb in the spring.

When a dog does its business in a public place (e.g. sidewalks, parks, playgrounds, public beaches, etc.) you must legally clean it and dispose of it properly. If you do not, you may be fined £ 50- 80 on the spot.

Your local council can give away biodegradable garbage bags for free, ask the Department of Environmental Health. Check the rules of your local park, which are usually posted at the entrance. It may be helpful to have the details of your nearest dog warden, so contact your local council for details.

For information on dog pollution laws in the UK visit:

In case of illness or accidents you will need veterinary details for each of your customers. You do not need any training for this job, but you may want to consider a first aid course. Take a look at the local online.

Find extra work to sign a contract with any new clients to protect you from liabilities.

The best idea is a dog walking approval form. In it, you can add clauses such as who is responsible for the cost of emergency treatment while the dog is in your care.

This includes the owner’s agreement that the dog will have an annual vaccination and a regular worm. This will stop the spread of the disease to other dogs in your care.

You can also add a section about your Govt-19 protocol. This includes keeping only the lead you use, providing hand cleaning if you need to enter their home, and minimizing contact.

You should talk to a lawyer for advice on drawing up the approval form and the conditions you need to include.

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