10 Sites That Will Pay You to Play Games Online

There are many sites and apps that will provide you the opportunity to earn by playing games online. These platforms are pretty simple and famous, millions of people had made a lot of cash by playing games on these sites and apps. So if you have interest in playing games and you are an expert at it, then you can make this fun activity an earning opportunity.

There was a time when playing games was considered a waste of time but now you can spend hours on playing games and making some legit cash. If you not a pro, you can still make some cash.

1- Mistplay

Mistplay is an app that you can use to earn money while playing games. This is an easy and user friendly platform that you can use to play games and compete with other gamers. To get started, you will have to download their app and after downloading you will get a list of games that you can play to earn points. You can play games and even chat with other gamers to increase your gaming knowledge. The points you earn on Mistplay can be redeem in to gift cards that can be used in famous retailers like Amazon, Starbucks and many more. While the points can also be redeemed to Visa gift cards that is also a second form of money. You will not get rich playing here but you can earn a few bucks every week.


2- Pogo

Pogo is a platform where you can play a number of free games. You can play these free games on your Personal Computer, Xbox, PS, Wii and smartphone. You can also get paid games on Pogo. These games are of from different categories like arcade games, action games or simple games etc.

Pogo has a premium version too and in that version you can have access to 40 games with no ads. Apart from that you can enter in to different tournaments to get more points. For this premium version, you will have to pay $6.99 per month. You can be paid in two different ways and you can join a sweepstake where you can win £50 daily or you can win a jumbo prize of £500 cash.


3- Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a multi-purpose platform that you can use to earn cash. Other than of playing games, you can watch online videos, fill up survey forms, search the internet and can do shopping. For all these activities you will earn points name as SB points that you can redeem to gifts cards that can be used on a number of retailers and restaurants or you can redeem them to PayPal cash. The numbers of games that can earn you SB points are very less and these are of simple categories like the memory games and the simple action games. But if you want to earn more points by just playing games here then you should consider GSN because on GSN you will get up to 18 bucks for spending a single dollar on GSN on a number of different games. You do not have to win all the time and you can get points on losing the games too.

4- Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars are one of the competitors of the Swagbucks, you can also say that they provide the best alternative platform to Swagbucks. Inbox Dollars was founded in 2000 and have paid millions of dollars to its user from that time. These earnings are made through many activities and one of them is playing games. You can play a lot of free games and paid games on this site via GSN. So if you play at GSN via Inbox Dollars, you will get extra cash for that. Other than playing games, you can earn points for searching the internet, redeeming coupons or shopping, taking surveys and taking part in contests. Apart from all these you will also get a bonus of $5 for joining. You can redeem your points in to cash when you have a balance of minimum $40. You can also redeem for gift cards.


5- Paid Game Player

On Paid Game Player, you can have access to 600 different kind of games. Paid Game Player is a different kind of platform and here you will have to compete with other players to earn cash rewards. This site is similar to Swagbucks and Inbox Dollars. Apart from playing games, you can earn reward points for reviewing games and different products, inviting your friends on this site and taking surveys. This site pays 250 thousand dollars in different type of daily cash prizes for game tournaments and other activities.

You can use this site for free and can participate in different tournaments to earn cash prizes. This site also has subscribe to a premium membership for $4.99 a month in which you will get full access of games, a bonus of 1000 points and a 2x points bonus. That means all your points will be doubled.


6- Bananatic

This a website that can enable to review all kind of games. Here not only you can review the games, but you can also test new games and play them. On Bananatic, you will earn reward points named as Bananas. There are number of games that you can play and there is a smart phone app too. You can redeem your bananas in to prepaid game content, wallets, Amazon gift cards and more. This site has over 260 thousand users that have been paid 165 thousand dollars by Bananatic.


7- Play and Win

Play and Win is a video game that you can play on your smartphone and personal computer. You can play a number of different games from different categories like arcade games, matching games, puzzle games, card games, bingo, and multiplayer games. The list continuous, thus you can play and earn on a number of games on Play and Win. To earn reward points you will have to contests in tournaments and challenges. The reward points you will earn can redeemed in to many ways like you can redeem them to PayPal cash or you can enter sweepstakes to secure more cash.


8- Gamesville

Gamesville is one of the pioneers of the online gaming industry that is in business since 1995. They are one of the leading online games site. On this site you can play a number of different games and you can win cash awards by winning tournaments. You will earn reward points named as GV Rewards on this site for playing games. You can earn reward points in two different ways, one is to play in the tournaments for free and the second one is to play single mode while competing with time clock. You will earn points in these simple ways and sometimes you can get extra jackpots on games as well. You can use your points to enter in to sweepstakes and prize drawings.

In some cases, you will receive cash instead of reward points and for this purpose you can find many tournaments on their site.


9- World Winner

Another website to earn cash by playing games is World Winner. On this site, you can play tournaments of different categories of games like arcade, strategy, casino, word games and game show. You can earn big cash rewards by winning these tournaments. This is a site for gamers of all kind because it has tournaments of all kind of games and it matches you to play with the people of your own skill level. You can first practice in the game for free and when you feel confident enough you can join the tournament. As a said this game has a fair policy and you will get an opponent of your skill level and if you win you will get a big reward. According to the site, they pay 500 thousand dollars in daily tournament winnings. That is a big amount and now it is up to you to make a profit for yourself.


10- Quik Rewards

Quick Rewards is a get paid to website that pays you for many online tasks and one of them is playing online games. You will earn points on this site like the others and those points can redeemed in to gift cards or direct cash. Here on this site the minimum payout for cash is just 1 cent while if you want a gift card, you should have enough money to redeem a $5 gift card. To earn points on this site you can simply play online games or you can take surveys, watch online videos, surf the internet, complete offers and shopping online. This simple activities will let you earn some cash that can be further redeemed for the above mentioned options.

So these were some of the sites that can enable you to earn cash prizes for playing games. You can just visit these sites and apps and play games to earn some good cash awards. Do comment in the comment section below and also share your experience of playing games and earning from it. Let us know if you have any queries regarding these sites.

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