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The trend of subscription boxes and especially beauty boxes at that have become quite a rage over the past few years. Which if honestly speaking isn’t that big of a surprise. What’s better then receiving beauty products right at your door and enjoying them from the comfort of your home.

This has been a great help for people due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is going on. Now we don’t need to leave our houses.

There are many different kinds of beauty boxes which focus in different aspects of beauty products. Some are more in favour of skin care products while other are meant for those who like o play around with different brands and products. The excitement you feel when you receive a box filled to the brim with beauty products is unmatched.


We have received, tried, experimented and reviews hundreds of beauty boxes and now we present to you a list of boxes we think are worth subscribing to.


The contents of GlossyBox come in a well packed and efficiently delivered box right to your door. The box is heartwarming shade of pink Which is its trademark colour. The pink of the box makes it instantly recognisable.

Every month the customers of Glossy box receive at least five full sized beauty products which  are from international brands. You can also choose to tailor some other products of skincare, hair care etc specifically for you.

The total value of the products you receive in he boxes comes out at around £50 yet the subscription prices start at just £8.5/month. You can choose a plan that suits you.


Look Fantastic

The team at Look Fantastic curates a box which is well worth up to £50 every month and delivers them straight to your door.

The products are sourced from different brands and are usually a nice surprise for the customers.

In addition the six products you receive in your box you are also sent the Edit magazine with the look Fantastic Box. The subscription offered by Look Fantastic are starting from £13 a month.



BirchBox is a well respected beauty box that has been featured in many magazines. It is one of the more popular choices in the market.

The box contains five different beauty product samples that are specifically tailored to meet your needs. The prices start at about £10 per month and you can additionally get discounts


Pip Box

It’s one of the major and most fabulous choices out there if you like your products to be cruelty free. The products are all vegan ad have never been tested on animals.

The products received in the boxes are full sized and travel sized and sourced from many international brands. The total value of the products come around to about £55. What’s best is they help make the world free of animal testing by supporting the Animal Free Research UK.


Latest in Beauty

Latest in Beauty is mostly known for it’s amazing quality of products and because of the option that makes it unique. It gives its customers a choice of how many products they would like in their boxes per month.

The prices start at about £9 and can go as high as £18.

When signing up for a box the customers can make their beauty profile and the team at LaB will tailor their products according to that profile.


Secret Scent Box

This box is a must have for people who like to experience new and improved fragrances. The scents are available for both genders. The boxes usually include a large supply of scents enough for the whole month.

The boxes are well packaged and can be easily sent through the letterbox. The fragrances come in a size that will last you a whole month.


Some other brands that are well worth mentioning include – 


The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box provides you will 100% vegan and cruelty free products. You will receive a variety of items at your door step that you will enjoy.



The team at Cohorted offers its members a premium beauty experience. The company has been featured in many magazines.

The prices are a bit high but the items are all a must have.



The subscription boxes of beauty products enable the beauty enthusiasts to enjoy and experience the best beauty products right at their home at very affordable prices.


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