10 Things You Should Right After Getting Fired


Being fired from your job can be a terrible experience, but there is no time to be wasted in being sad, upset or depressed. The minutes, hours, days, and weeks can be critical for you to stand back on your feet.

Here is the list of things that will get you ready for your next job and over and above.


  1. Know What Your Company Owes You


You may be persuade to let HR deal with all the paperwork and fine print for your termination, but don’t forget that your best lawyer is yourself. Make sure you are intensely aware of what your company owes you in accordance with your hiring contract and what they are beholden to do based on state law.


There are different rules and regulations of the state that may give orders for minimum notice requirements, compensation, extra advantages and even severance packages. There is a possibility that companies may forgot about the feature of your contract or state law and miscalculate what is owed to you.



  1. Acquire The Most Out Of Your Company



Like wise, you may be able to negotiate extra benefits from your company because of the termination. You can find out how much supportive they are with your transformation by asking them about providing services like professional resume, career coaching and cover letter writing. A LinkedIn professional account for an interval of time. You can put the idea in a positive way for the company while they can develop a reputation of being dynamic career builders in their business with strong traditional support.



  1. Ask For References


At this time, you need to get references and recommendations out of your closest friends, colleagues and allies in the work place. The relationships are fresh and there is a possibility that people will be passionate to help you make the most of your transition.

Other than that, you can also try requesting a letter from HR on company letterhead that describes the reason of letting you go was not due to any performance issues or any personal reasons.

This might be convenient in the future for the job applications if the issues are brought up.




  1. Pursue Your Health Insurance


If you have health insurance provided by your employer then this will be one of the major losses of leaving the company. In all possibility, you will be eligible for COBRA. COBRA is a government program that permits you to continue your health insurance with same company plan for sometime with that same company health plan even after leaving that company. This gives you the opportunity to stay covered, although it may not be the financially strong option, as you will be required to pay for the full premiums without any support from your former employer.




  1. Get Yourself Registered For Unemployment



Advantages of unemployment can relieve the financial burned of being fired from your head. Don’t forget to go to your local unemployment office and get yourself registered as soon as possible right after you leave your job. In many cases there are specific time limits that since how you are unemployed before you are unable to register yourself with them, so its better for you to register yourself with them as soon as possible after your termination or when you leave the job.



  1. Take A Time To Reflect



In all the madness of being terminated and getting yourself ready for the next move, make sure you take your time to reflect on the experience what you had at your organization and what are your goals for forthcoming. Although it may seem like its not the best thing but the grace period between jobs is the great time to focus on what your goals are and frame your career according to your goals.




  1. Make A Plan


As you know now what your goals are and you are focused on them, make a plan on how you are going to achieve them and make progress on the road of moving on in your professional life. What is your daily routine is going to look like? In what sort of companies you’re interested? How are you planning to record your research about job?

At this stage if you will create a strong foundation then it will make the process a lot easier for you throughout your journey.




  1. Create Business Cards



It is for sure that you will want people to contact you about potential professional opportunities, so by this way you can make it easy for them to contact you. Create a brand new, attractive business cards to give to people and one more thing, don’t forget to keep them with you.




  1. Smarten Up Your Linkedin



You don’t need to feel like you have to hide the fact that you are being terminated because it happens. Ill suggest you that its better to let people and recruiters know that now you are open to new opportunities. Keep in mind that your LinkedIn profile is current and engaging. In case if you are not active on the platform now then, believe creating post now to gain more attention. Create your online presence to be noticed by recruiters and different people.





  1. Remain Positive



This one is most important and more of a chalk talk. Unavoidably at the some point in the process, you will feel down about yourself and the circumstance of being terminated. That’s alright don’t forget that it’s a part of life and everyone goes through it at some point in life. Look at is as a new opportunity to focus on the things that matters so much to you in your professional career life.


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