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5 Tips to Save on Medical Expenses

Each and every one of us care about their health but sometimes a single visit to a doctor can quickly add some extra expenses to your budget. You can save both your time and money by just being a little more strategic about your healthcare. To solve your problem we have put our heads together and made the list of those 5 tips which will surely help you to save your money on medical expenses.

Here’s the list of those 5 tips.



  1. Pay Through Cash


There are many medical offices which will which will offer you a discount if you will pay them through cash for your services. More particularly we have found that there are some of dental and orthodontic services which have unstated policy of giving you a discount rate (notably if you don’t have any medical insurance) don’t forget to ask your medical office that if there is any discounted rate for you if you pay through cash instead of charging the expense.



  1. Prescription Discount Cards


Be careful of those offer which you don’t request, there are many scam offers too out there, though it is still a good idea to search up for standing prescription to check out if there is any sort of discount program related to your type of drug. Don’t just use your internet to search for discounted cards or coupons because there are many scam offers on internet though also go to the manufacturer’s website straightly to look for discounted cards or multi use coupons.

I also started searching for it and I quickly found a $20 coupon for Nasonex which can be used up to 5 times with qualifying purchase. Also don’t forget to share it with your doctor to find out which one is the most affordable prescription for the condition you are in. Once again don’t forget to check that you are on the official website of the specific drug.


  1. Coupons For OTC’s


Don’t forget to check out the generic option if you are willing to make an ordinary retail purchase. But if you are still willing to purchase a brand name and you feel more comfortable in that then at least search for coupons. If you have no idea about both of them and you are confused about the difference between them then ask your pharmacist to make a recommendation.



  1. Recheck Your Hospital Bills & Negotiate


Make sure you recheck your hospital bills before you pay them. Don’t forget to check for double billings because it can happen. If you are unable to pay the full bill for some reasons then call the billing department and ask them if there is any space. There is a possibility that they will give you the hard time discount or maybe they will make a payment plan for you of some sort. There are few medical facilities which will settle your bill in case if you make a large percentage payment. So it is better to call and ask.



  1. Save For Medical Costs


Are you saving an amount from your income for your medical costs? No? many of you might be thinking that we are pretty much healthy and nothing will happen to us, but if you are breathing then anything can happen anytime. You can get sick, broken arms or bouts of bronchitis, anything is possible if you are breathing. So start your health saving account from today to initiate saving for those unfortunate days from today. We have researched on it and made an estimate about the average amount you should save from your income. Even $8 – $10 will be helpful in the long run to help medical costs when they unfortunately came up. So if you don’t have a Health Saving Account, it is a good idea to start a small savings account to save money so you can use them to pay your medical expenses in those unfortunate days.


So this was the list of those 5 tips which can help you guys out to save money on medical expenses, by following these tips you can save some extra money from your income for sure.

My Beauty Boxes Reviews

The trend of subscription boxes and especially beauty boxes at that have become quite a rage over the past few years. Which if honestly speaking isn’t that big of a surprise. What’s better then receiving beauty products right at your door and enjoying them from the comfort of your home.

This has been a great help for people due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is going on. Now we don’t need to leave our houses.

There are many different kinds of beauty boxes which focus in different aspects of beauty products. Some are more in favour of skin care products while other are meant for those who like o play around with different brands and products. The excitement you feel when you receive a box filled to the brim with beauty products is unmatched.


We have received, tried, experimented and reviews hundreds of beauty boxes and now we present to you a list of boxes we think are worth subscribing to.


The contents of GlossyBox come in a well packed and efficiently delivered box right to your door. The box is heartwarming shade of pink Which is its trademark colour. The pink of the box makes it instantly recognisable.

Every month the customers of Glossy box receive at least five full sized beauty products which  are from international brands. You can also choose to tailor some other products of skincare, hair care etc specifically for you.

The total value of the products you receive in he boxes comes out at around £50 yet the subscription prices start at just £8.5/month. You can choose a plan that suits you.


Look Fantastic

The team at Look Fantastic curates a box which is well worth up to £50 every month and delivers them straight to your door.

The products are sourced from different brands and are usually a nice surprise for the customers.

In addition the six products you receive in your box you are also sent the Edit magazine with the look Fantastic Box. The subscription offered by Look Fantastic are starting from £13 a month.



BirchBox is a well respected beauty box that has been featured in many magazines. It is one of the more popular choices in the market.

The box contains five different beauty product samples that are specifically tailored to meet your needs. The prices start at about £10 per month and you can additionally get discounts


Pip Box

It’s one of the major and most fabulous choices out there if you like your products to be cruelty free. The products are all vegan ad have never been tested on animals.

The products received in the boxes are full sized and travel sized and sourced from many international brands. The total value of the products come around to about £55. What’s best is they help make the world free of animal testing by supporting the Animal Free Research UK.


Latest in Beauty

Latest in Beauty is mostly known for it’s amazing quality of products and because of the option that makes it unique. It gives its customers a choice of how many products they would like in their boxes per month.

The prices start at about £9 and can go as high as £18.

When signing up for a box the customers can make their beauty profile and the team at LaB will tailor their products according to that profile.


Secret Scent Box

This box is a must have for people who like to experience new and improved fragrances. The scents are available for both genders. The boxes usually include a large supply of scents enough for the whole month.

The boxes are well packaged and can be easily sent through the letterbox. The fragrances come in a size that will last you a whole month.


Some other brands that are well worth mentioning include – 


The Vegan Kind Beauty Box

The Vegan Kind Beauty Box provides you will 100% vegan and cruelty free products. You will receive a variety of items at your door step that you will enjoy.



The team at Cohorted offers its members a premium beauty experience. The company has been featured in many magazines.

The prices are a bit high but the items are all a must have.



The subscription boxes of beauty products enable the beauty enthusiasts to enjoy and experience the best beauty products right at their home at very affordable prices.


Everyday Makeup Routine.

Base & Face.
At the minute I’m dancing in between primers as I can’t seem to stick to just one! Some days I use Benefit’s Porefessional, then I use Steam Cream’s Wendy pre makeup base but so far my favourite is proving to be Bare Mineral’s Prime Time primer. It’s a silicone based primer which is super easy to blend into my skin and mattifies ready for a day of wearing foundation. I only had a small sample in my Bare Minerals Get Started Kit and I will definately repurchase when I get a few more pennies in. When it comes to foundation, I like a full coverage and matte finish. To do this I apply No7’s Beautifully Matte foundation mixed in with Seventeen’s Stay Time to give me the complete coverage that I love.
Before doing my eye makeup, I always start on my brows first! I use my trusty HD Brow & Eye Kit in shade ‘Foxy’. Using the little angled brush makes it so easy to actually give my brows some shape – this is a kit I don’t see me swapping for anything else! With me eyes, I tend to avoid eye shadow and keep it simple with a quick black liner flick using Seventeen’s Wet Look Liner. It has a tiny nib perfect for creating a flick, but still gives a thick, matte black look. I’m all for trying out new mascaras but right not I’m sticking with my trusty favourites. I use my mini Roller Lash which is perfect for lengthening and volumising my lashes and I top that off with Rimmel’s ScandalEyes mascara which is super thick and perfect for giving a dramatic look.
If I’ve got more time to spend on my makeup, I’ll add a few extras in too. I love using my mirror which is perfect for applying my makeup due to it’s double magnified side meaning I can get a close up of my look (not advised if having a bad skin day!) and it stands up easily for me to get my makeup done and get moving. If I have more time to focus on my makeup, I love using Benefit’s Hoola bronzer and my new Rodial Instaglam* highlighter for a quick contour!

Top Five Beauty Instagram Accounts To Follow

‘Feeluniquebeauty’ – Feel Unique is one of my favourite beauty websites to shop from as they always have exclusive brands and products perfect for any beauty lover. I love keeping up to date with their latest additions, favourite picks and tips. They also have some amazing photography setups, perfect for finding inspiration.
‘Escentual’ – I love browsing Escentual’s website as they have stunning brands such as Elie Saab, Chloe, Guerlain and lots more for me to drool over. I love following on Instagram to get my fix of all things high end beauty as well the odd cute Moschino teddy bear!
‘thesundaygirluk’ – The Sunday Girl is my favourite beauty blog of all time. Adrienne puts so much hard work into her blog, posting over three times a day and I love to keep updated. When I haven’t got time to catch up on her newest blog posts, I’ll keep updated on Instagram instead to see any new releases.
‘ctilburymakeup’ – If you’re a beauty lover, chances are you wont need me to introduce you to Charlotte Tilbury. I’ve never tried any of her products thanks to the hefty price tag, so I get my fix on Instagram instead! Makeup artist to massive celebrities, I think Charlotte’s an inspirational makeup artist.

‘bourjoisuk’ – Last but not least, it’s Bourjois. There’s lots of Bourjois products that I’d love to try and they’re showcasing some cute pastels ready for spring! I love keeping up to date with their products and with over 50,000 followers it looks like it’s not just me!

Do you have any favourite Instagram accounts?

Best Of The Beauty Competitions #4


Fancy winning a massive range of Kiss The Moon products? It’s full of pampering essentials such as bath and face oils. All you need to do is enter your details!


Have you been eyeing up the new spring DKNY fragrances? I know I have! To win all three fragrances, you need to follow @ukglam on Instagram and tag a picture that makes you happy using the hashtag #DKNYDELIGHTS. Don’t forget to tag them too.


Yours are giving away a massive beauty bundle including this mascara as well as a Charlotte Tilbury palette and brands such as MAC, Philosophy, Chanel and Bourjois. Simply enter your details.


You’ve seen the hype of Rollerlash, so why not try and win yourself your own full sized mascara?


Another massive beauty bundle is up for grabs thanks to Tatler’s Beauty Awards. As well as Chloe’s Love Story perfume, you can win lots of other high end treats.


To win a year’s subscription to Look Fantastic’s beauty box, simply enter your details.


I don’t tend to include blogger giveaways here but this one is too good to miss! Stephanie is giving away a MAC Royal Ball Cinderella lipstick over on her blog.

Good Luck!

Dolly’s Mixtures Pina Colada Shower Gel

I have a brand new love in my life and it comes in the form of a Pina Colada shower gel. Seriously, it just smells so so good! I first spotted the cute little dinky shower gels from Dolly’s Mixtures over on Instagram, did a little digging and soon found out that Dolly’s Mixtures are stocked at Asda – yay! A few days later I was off on a little bargain shopping trip and headed straight to the toiletry aisle (as if I needed an excuse?!). I know it’s sad but I couldn’t help but get excited when I discovered the Dolly’s Mixtures range staring back at me – cute vintage styled dinky bottles with an array of different scents – and you haven’t heard the best yet – only £1 each! I decided not to go too crazy and pick up all the shower gels at once, so I had a quick sniff of each and decided that Pina Colada was my favourite!

As I’m sure you are aware, Pina Colada is a very popular cocktail which reminds me of being on a sun kissed holiday, watching the hotel entertainment at night and sipping my Pina Colada! (Is it just me or are cocktails seriously stronger abroad?!). The shower gel is a creamy and thick formula which lathers up well, smells beautiful and I only need to use a small amount each time. I love the packaging of the Dolly’s Mixtures bottles, not to mention their quirky name – although googling it can take a while to scroll through all the dolly mixture sweets images! If I was to be very picky, the only negative I can find is that I’d prefer if the bottles were a little larger as they are quite dinky at 300ml, but the scent and packaging wins me over. You can also find Dolly’s Mixtures in different varieties of ‘Lemon Bon Bon’, ‘Rhubarb & Custard’, ‘Vanilla Cupcake’, ‘Lime Mojito’ ‘Candy Floss’, ‘Strawberry Daiquiri’, ‘Bucks Fizz’ and ‘Red Velvet Cupcake’ – I’m in shower gel heaven!

Have you spotted Dolly’s Mixtures yet?

Better than GHDS? Nicky Clarke DesiRED Hair Straightener

I need a big old drumroll in here please. I am about to introduce you to what I now consider a cheaper and better alternative to GHDs! Before I ramble on about the Nicky Clarke DesiRED hair straightener, I need to have a very small rant about GHD’s. GHD’s have been a part of my family for years, with my mum, sister and I all clambering to use them in the good old mornings of getting ready for school. Since then however I do feel that their quality has gone downhill, I have had to purchase two new pairs in just two years – both of which are now faulty and completely unusable. Considering they are over £100 each, I decided to end my relationship with GHD for good. Apologies if you’re a GHD lover, but I am one of those people that expects good quality and will complain otherwise ha!
I had to rock the ‘bed head’ look and go straightener free for a few days after the GHD’s conked out. However, in good old Asda, my mum rang me to say she had found a pair of hair straighteners reduced to just £28. Another customer even came up to her to tell her how good they were, so she snapped them up straight away! I must admit I was sceptical at first, I wondered for a lower price whether I was going to get the results I really wanted – and I shouldn’t have doubted for one second! When my mum bought the straighteners home, we quickly scrambled to get them switched on and see how they worked for ourselves. As you can see, the straighteners have a sleek design and a glossy red design. Nicky Clarke, if you are reading this, please release this straightener in an array of pastel colours, I beg of you!
So, how do the straighteners fare? Frickin’ brilliant, that’s how. They are super easy to set up, pressing a small on/off button on the inside of the straighteners, above which you’ll find the temperature gauge which heats up to 230C. You can also adjust the settings on whether your hair is fine, medium or thick. These straighteners have seriously impressed me. It literally took me two minutes to straighten all of my hair and I was left with a sleek, straight look which actually feels in a better condition than before I used it! If I was asked do they fare better than GHDs – my answer is yes. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, I can’t recommend these enough! The retail price of DesiRED is £81.99 and it seems I managed to get a complete bargain! Keep a look out in Asda for any reduced hair straighteners! I would still highly recommend for the retail price and if I needed to buy another pair, I would certainly be willing to splash out.
What hair straighteners do you use?