Everyday Makeup Routine.

Base & Face.
At the minute I’m dancing in between primers as I can’t seem to stick to just one! Some days I use Benefit’s Porefessional, then I use Steam Cream’s Wendy pre makeup base but so far my favourite is proving to be Bare Mineral’s Prime Time primer. It’s a silicone based primer which is super easy to blend into my skin and mattifies ready for a day of wearing foundation. I only had a small sample in my Bare Minerals Get Started Kit and I will definately repurchase when I get a few more pennies in. When it comes to foundation, I like a full coverage and matte finish. To do this I apply No7’s Beautifully Matte foundation mixed in with Seventeen’s Stay Time to give me the complete coverage that I love.
Before doing my eye makeup, I always start on my brows first! I use my trusty HD Brow & Eye Kit in shade ‘Foxy’. Using the little angled brush makes it so easy to actually give my brows some shape – this is a kit I don’t see me swapping for anything else! With me eyes, I tend to avoid eye shadow and keep it simple with a quick black liner flick using Seventeen’s Wet Look Liner. It has a tiny nib perfect for creating a flick, but still gives a thick, matte black look. I’m all for trying out new mascaras but right not I’m sticking with my trusty favourites. I use my mini Roller Lash which is perfect for lengthening and volumising my lashes and I top that off with Rimmel’s ScandalEyes mascara which is super thick and perfect for giving a dramatic look.
If I’ve got more time to spend on my makeup, I’ll add a few extras in too. I love using my mirror which is perfect for applying my makeup due to it’s double magnified side meaning I can get a close up of my look (not advised if having a bad skin day!) and it stands up easily for me to get my makeup done and get moving. If I have more time to focus on my makeup, I love using Benefit’s Hoola bronzer and my new Rodial Instaglam* highlighter for a quick contour!

June Spending Ban – Can I do it?

Who am I and what have you done with the real me?! The words ‘spending ban’ and I do not go hand in hand, I’m forever spending money on more beauty products that I don’t need, buying things in the sale purely because they are in the sale and what not. I think now has come to the point where it’s time to slow it all down and use what I’ve got. Throughout January, I made a list of what I bought, when and how much it cost. I look back at it now and actually think I did better than previous months, but now is the time to calm it down and save the money instead. It gets to a point where I have ordered things, completely forgotten I’d bought it and put it to the side for now anyway! As I am going to Disney  in May, it’s time to keep more money to be able to enjoy myself when I am there and also to add to my savings.
I like to think I’m being sneaky and oh so clever seeing as there are only 28 days in February obviously meaning it’s less than a usual month! I will have some rules and that’s to spend money on things that I do need. I need petrol in my car and food in my tummy, but that is hopefully as far as its going to go this month. I don’t need any new clothes, makeup or skincare regardless or whether its a bargain as I know I have plenty. The only makeup I will allow myself to buy is a new eyeliner or foundation if it runs out as I have enough of everything else. Yesterday was a real test for me as I went shopping with a friend and didn’t spend a single penny! Ok, we had a meal in Pizza Hut (it was so delicious) but I had to feed myself didn’t I?! I’m hoping I can actually stick to this plan or I’m going to look a right plonker. If you have previously done a spending ban, please let me know if you have any tips as I’d love to hear them.
Wish me luck! Would you like to see updates of how I’m getting on? x

Childhood Memories

I was browsing through ebay recently and came across Jacqueline Wilson books, when a light popped on inside my little brain and I thought I would write a ‘Childhood Memories’ post. There are so many things that bring back good memories for me, so I thought we could take a trip down memory lane and see if we have any memories in common! First up is The Sims. Not the Sims 2 or 3,but it all began with the original Sims years ago. I always used to spend time with my sister playing the game on my nanas computer and we would spend hours on it. Remember how all the Sims used to live in one village? I used to love doing the money cheat and moving to the massive mansion in the corner! The background music always used to be blasting, the Sims practically all looked the same, it was SO hard to get a Sim to accept a marriage proposal and it was so hard trying to make friends too just to get a promotion! Looking back, it’s crazy to see how much the game has evolved as the Sims 4 will be out this year! If you were a huge Sims geek like I was (and still am) have a look at this fan page and the music is guaranteed to make you want to start playing!
Next up is Jacqueline Wilson books. My claim to fame is I once met her years ago at a book signing and she signed my ‘Midnight’ book. Still to this day, I am in awe of her writing and how she manages to reach out to everyday life situations such as divorce, adoption and mental illness and at the same time keeps every book as enjoyable and mesmerising. I think I have owned practically every single book she has written and have read each one time and time again, they just don’t get old to me. Nick Sharatt’s illustrations in each book always appeared and were a classic addition to her books. I also loved it when her books turned into TV shows, Tracy Beaker became a huge success and is still going to this day. I think my all time favourite book would be ‘Sleepovers’. I remember reading this book around six times (I’m not joking).
Other major memories for me are the TV shows I used to love on Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. (Having the Disney channel was an occasional treat!) My whole childhood I grew up watching Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in Two of a Kind, followed by endless films, my favourite being Passport to Paris. I also used to love That’s So Raven (such a good role model) and Sabrina The Teenage Witch I could have spent hours watching those shows. I also can’t not mention Arthur, I was his biggest fan. I even used to print out pictures of him and his pals and colour them in!
What are your favourite childhood memories?

HD Eye & Brow Kit Review

If you’re reading this review, chances are you enjoy beauty products so you may understand the importance of our brows and how they frame our faces. Up until around a year ago, I was never fussed on filling in my eyebrows until I started using Benefit’s Brow Zings which I love. My Brow Zings has sadly come to the end of its life and retailing at £23.50, I was hoping to find a cheaper alternative. Enter HD Eye & Brow Kit. I had heard and read great reviews of both the products and treatments, so I was keen to try it out for myself. it must have been my lucky day when I decided to check it out further as HD Brows official website were offering 10% off all products and free delivery so it seemed the perfect time to give it a try.

The Eye and Brow kit is available in three different shades. ‘Bombshell’ is best for fair hair and skin. ‘Foxy’ is best for medium and hair and skin whilst ‘Vamp’ being the darkest shades are best for dark hair and skin. Being a brunette, it appeared that ‘Foxy’ would be the best suited shade for my hair and skin tone for myself. The kits packaging is kept simple yet sophisticated with its black outer colouring and their traditional HD Brows logo embedded on the cover. Inside the kit you will find a built in compact mirror, four different shades and a double sided versatile brush. The four anti-smudge powders are each matte finishes and double up as eye shadows as well brow colours. The four shades include ‘Nude’, ‘Warm Brown’, ‘Dark Brown’ and ‘Carbon’. ‘Nude’ can be used as a highlighter under your brows or to create a neutral eye shade. I have personally found that ‘Dark Brown’ suits my brows the best, whereas on days where I want a lighter shade I will use ‘Warm Brown’ as an alternative. ‘Carbon’ is a shade too dark for my brows so I do tend to neglect this shade. The beauty of this palette is you can also double up with the shades and create the perfect smoky eye. The quality of the powders are excellent and I really long lasting. A usual makeup day I am more concerned about the longevity of my foundation and luckily enough the HD Eye & Brow Kit means I don’t have to worry about my brows at all. It stays perfectly in place throughout the day and I can highly recommend this palette. The kit has become an everyday favourite in my makeup routine and it’s now a step that I don’t miss out on. If I could make one adjustment, I’d love to be able to buy the shades alone as I get the most use out of ‘Warm Brown’ it would make sense for me to be able to buy this particular shade alone. It does seem pretty pricey, with the palette retailing at £19.95, but with four shades which are completely versatile, you definitely get your moneys worth.

The Mascara Awards

Best for length: Eye Of Horus ‘Goddess’ Mascara.*
The first time I tried out this mascara, I wasn’t overly impressed. I hadn’t felt it did an awful lot to my lashes, so I cast it aside for a little while and only recently did I begin trying it out again. I’m so glad I did as the formula had thickened up slightly and I love the length it gives to my eyelashes. This is a good contender for a dupe of Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’, but if you ask me I’d go as far to say that it’s even better. I find it so hard to ‘find’ any of my eyelashes sometimes and I cant stand mascaras that aren’t just going to leave my eyelashes looking stumpy and short. The ‘Goddess’ mascara in black gives me an almost false lash effect look and doesn’t leave any clumps on those days when I go overboard when applying it. It The only problem I do have is that I wouldn’t use this mascara alone as it doesn’t give me enough volume, so I do need to add another mascara on top.
Best for volume: Rimmel Scandal’Eyes.
This is my all time favourite volumising mascara. I use this mascara in the darkest shade of ‘Extreme Black’ as always! It’s really affordable and has become an everyday mascara for me which I know I will repurchase time and time again. So, why do I love it so much? In my mascara routine, I will usually use this on top of a more lengthening product as it gives a lot of volume and ‘oomph’ to my lashes. The brush is pretty big but picks up lots of the product and I love the thickening dark black effect it gives. When this is teamed with black eyeliner I feel it’s at its best. Despite the brush being pretty hefty, it’s easy to apply to the bottom lashes and makes them look a lot more prominent. It does have a tendency to clump if too much is used in one go, so I do try to keep it to a minimum. It’s a pretty thick formula regardless so you don’t need an awful lot.
Best for both: Chanel Le Volume De Chanel Mascara.
That was a mouthful wasn’t it? I first tried this little beauty when I received a free sample from a website offering free samples of this mascara around a year ago and we were then reunited when I received another teeny tiny free sample with my Boots purchase. As you can guess, it’s pretty pricey so I was really pleased with a freebie! The mascara is amazing at giving both length and volume. This is the only mascara I can actually say is perfect to use alone, there’s no need to add any extra volume on top. It builds up good length, separates the lashes and volumises both my upper and lower lashes.
Best for bottom lashes: Maybelline ‘Great Lash’.
My mum gave me this mascara in a little gift set for Christmas and I have recently been trying it out. This mascara is a beauty classic which is very popular over in America. The brush is pretty slim and I haven’t quite found that this works amazingly on my upper lashes just yet. This is my top go to mascara for applying to my bottom lashes as bigger brushes can make it hard to pick up those teeny tiny bottom lashes which are hiding away. As the brush is smaller, it’s perfect for catching the smallest of lower lashes and gives good volume too.
What’s your favourite mascara? x

Themed Wishlist #24: Easter

Seeing as it’s Easter Sunday just next week, I thought I’d pop up my Easter themed wish list to get us in the mood! I have fond memories of Easter due to the annual Easter Egg Hunt at my grandparents house. As you know I can’t resist making my wish lists, so for today’s I’ve put together pretty much anything you need to have a happy Easter – chocolate first of course, followed by decorations, pastel nails, candles and bunny shaped crumpets. Yes, bunny shaped crumpets. Consider yourself pre-warned to get yours in time for Sunday, although of course you may have to consume before then, just for testing purposes!

How To Get Loads Of Freebies

If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering how you can get freebies and more freebies. Well, the best way to get a bunch of freebies the size of Mt. Everest is to spend websites that are dedicated to giving away free stuff on the Internet.

Or you could also sign up with websites that find all the free offers found on the Internet and publish them on their website. We’re talking about websites like Free Stuff World like others. These websites don’t just offer free stuff, they also offer free samples, competitions and so much more. You should search for these websites and check out the homepage for all the newest stuff that is free.

If there’s a freebie you like, apply to receive. Get all of the complimentary stuff and have them delivered to your own door. If you’re like more people, you’re probably wondering, “Why do businesses like to give away free stuff?”

Giving away free samples and freebies is a business tactic that actually attracts more and more customers, contributing to the bottom line of the business that’s giving them away. But really now, who does not want freebies? Everyone loves free stuff, and businesses know that giving you a taste of their goods will make you go for their product.

Occasionally, freebie campaigns last awhile, but the entire duration really depends on the number of free samples they’re giving away. I you want to use free these free websites, you need to sign up with them. Don’t worry about your privacy, your details won’t ever be passed onto another company or any other person.

Because your email might be flooded with many, many offers, consider creating another email account for freebies and other offers. This can keep your main inbox clear, and you also will be able to instantly see the companies that are giving away freebies and making new offers.
Keep a watch on the Terms and Conditions and consider checking and unchecking some options.

Most of the websites that offer freebies haven’t been around long. Most of them were established in May 2010. But these websites have been good enough to gather all the freebies available on the Internet. While most of the freebies are for consumer goods, you can actually get free travel, free accommodations, and other free things. Here’s how you can get them.

Defeat the tax increase by travelling by automobile, and prevent extortionate train fares. Road trips are enjoyable but you can travel the road for free by signing up with websites like Liftshare.com and FreeWheelerscom. Some people to will ask you to chip in for petrol but will offer you a spare seat in the vehicle.

Budget not enough for a vacation? Get home accommodations free of charge by swapping your house with another family. Love House Swap and Homelink International provide you with the possibility to search through properties and swap your house for another – wherever you may be on the planet.

Top Five Beauty Instagram Accounts To Follow

‘Feeluniquebeauty’ – Feel Unique is one of my favourite beauty websites to shop from as they always have exclusive brands and products perfect for any beauty lover. I love keeping up to date with their latest additions, favourite picks and tips. They also have some amazing photography setups, perfect for finding inspiration.
‘Escentual’ – I love browsing Escentual’s website as they have stunning brands such as Elie Saab, Chloe, Guerlain and lots more for me to drool over. I love following on Instagram to get my fix of all things high end beauty as well the odd cute Moschino teddy bear!
‘thesundaygirluk’ – The Sunday Girl is my favourite beauty blog of all time. Adrienne puts so much hard work into her blog, posting over three times a day and I love to keep updated. When I haven’t got time to catch up on her newest blog posts, I’ll keep updated on Instagram instead to see any new releases.
‘ctilburymakeup’ – If you’re a beauty lover, chances are you wont need me to introduce you to Charlotte Tilbury. I’ve never tried any of her products thanks to the hefty price tag, so I get my fix on Instagram instead! Makeup artist to massive celebrities, I think Charlotte’s an inspirational makeup artist.

‘bourjoisuk’ – Last but not least, it’s Bourjois. There’s lots of Bourjois products that I’d love to try and they’re showcasing some cute pastels ready for spring! I love keeping up to date with their products and with over 50,000 followers it looks like it’s not just me!

Do you have any favourite Instagram accounts?

Joules ‘The Big Bag Theory’ Review

Firstly, what an amazing name for a bag! I’m a fan of the The Big Bang Theory show (though not quite as big a fan as my sister -or my dad actually who may be reading this) so I think Joules have done really well with coming up with such a quirky title. I’ve never tried anything from Joules before, even though i have admired the brand, so I was really excited to try this out. As you can see, the bag itself is a hold all bag which is pretty massive and can pretty much fit anything into! If you’ve got any clutter around the house you could pop your books and magazines in here and it would still look gorgeous thanks to the stunning design of the bag! It’s really up to you what you use the bag for, i think I’ll use it as a shopper as it’s really sturdy and won’t break in my hand like those pesky cheap carriers. Plus, this is much more stylish!

The design of the bag is called ‘Sky Blue Peony’ and it’s just my type. I love the pastel blue shade, with the pretty floral patterns along with a simple pink handle, finished off with the Joules logo. The bag is available in three other designs of ‘Spring Green Dash’, ‘Pink Wildflower’ and ‘Blue Zig Zag’ but this pattern is definitely my favorite.

Best Of The Beauty Competitions #4


Fancy winning a massive range of Kiss The Moon products? It’s full of pampering essentials such as bath and face oils. All you need to do is enter your details!


Have you been eyeing up the new spring DKNY fragrances? I know I have! To win all three fragrances, you need to follow @ukglam on Instagram and tag a picture that makes you happy using the hashtag #DKNYDELIGHTS. Don’t forget to tag them too.


Yours are giving away a massive beauty bundle including this mascara as well as a Charlotte Tilbury palette and brands such as MAC, Philosophy, Chanel and Bourjois. Simply enter your details.


You’ve seen the hype of Rollerlash, so why not try and win yourself your own full sized mascara?


Another massive beauty bundle is up for grabs thanks to Tatler’s Beauty Awards. As well as Chloe’s Love Story perfume, you can win lots of other high end treats.


To win a year’s subscription to Look Fantastic’s beauty box, simply enter your details.


I don’t tend to include blogger giveaways here but this one is too good to miss! Stephanie is giving away a MAC Royal Ball Cinderella lipstick over on her blog.

Good Luck!