A New Love For Pinterest & A Disney Wedding

I have a confession. I have a boyfriend of three and a half years, I’m not engaged but I have had way too much fun creating a whole new Pinterest board – and it’s Disney wedding themed. Luckily he doesn’t read my blog as if he did he may very well run for the hills, but in my defence it’s all about inspiration and I’m not hurting anyone after all! I recently saw a quote that pretty much sums up Pinterest and gave me a good giggle – “Pinterest is where women go to plan imaginary weddings, dress children that don’t exist, decorate houses they can’t afford to buy and make way too many outfits” – I’m afraid to say it certainly looks like I fall into that category! I just wanted to write this post to show you a few stunning photos I have found for my future wedding (ahem) and I also love finding home ware items and décor ideas that I can store away safely until I finally get my own place. Pinterest seems to me like a place where I can just get lost in beautiful images and create boards and boards of pretty little things. So, without further ado, if you haven’t found yourself on Pinterest just yet, I recommend you create an account and get lost in the images!

Blogging Is Not A Competition

I think this post has been brewing up inside me for a good while now. I’ve spoken before about the negatives of blogging but I think for this post, I need to focus on the positives. There is always going to be somebody out there who is better than you, bigger than you and more successful. Does that make you any less successful? Absolutely not. When it comes to blogging, I feel I have come a long way since last February. Blogging has turned into a hobby that I devote a lot of my spare time to and that is purely because I love it, it gives me confidence and I feel like I am finally good at something I enjoy. I’ve never been one for hobbies except for reading, so I feel very happy that I’ve stuck to blogging for so long and I have no plans to stop for a long time – I wonder if when we’re all OAP’s, whether we’ll still be talking about the latest lipsticks?! It certainly wouldn’t surprise me!
With this in mind, why do I sometimes find myself feeling fed up with my blog and as if I’m not good enough. We are all good enough. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, whether your pictures aren’t quite up to your own standards yet (will they ever be?!) – you are who you are, so be proud of it. A good few times I have felt down about my blog and wished I could be more ‘successful’ – I hope you know I’m just trying to be honest and not trying to tell anyone how to feel. Success is different to everybody. Just because someone has more comments, more posts, more followers on Instagram – why does that mean they are more successful than you? It doesn’t. As you know, blogging takes up a lot of time, taking the photos, reviewing products, writing the post and then promoting – it’s not exactly a quick fix but we do it because we love it. When I started blogging, I didn’t expect more than five people to even stumble upon it unexpectedly before clicking off in a rush. Without bragging, I do feel I have come far, I have had some lovely opportunities and it is so good to meet and chat to other bloggers who have the same interests as me.
So, in a nutshell, I just wanted to remind myself and you that we are successful in our own ways. We don’t have to be raking in the cash from our blogs or always sitting at the top page of the Bloglovin popular posts – each new post you publish is a success. I hope I don’t sound completely soppy, although I have a feeling I might have done just that! I am also taking a pledge to stop taking blogging so seriously. It is my favourite hobby of all time and I feel so pleased each time I get a new comment on a post, so I am only focusing on the positives. I certainly didn’t start blogging to be comparing myself to other blogs – I started because I love writing and I love beauty products. If you’ve made it to the end, thank you, I’ll be quiet now!
Do you ever find yourself comparing your blog?

The Prettiest Bird Shirt I Ever Did See

Who doesn’t love bird print?! Well, my mum doesn’t as she thinks it’s bad luck .. I disagree so I’m hoping you’re going to agree with me when I say that this shirt is just so cute, feminine and all over pretty! I was recently lucky enough to receive this Barbour shirt for the purpose of reviewing my blog and it’s perfect. As you can see, the shirt is long sleeved, with a collar and buttons, with the bird print covering the cream shirt. What I love about a shirt is that you can either dress it up or dress it down. As you can see above, I decided to wear my favourite simple outfit – navy jeggings, black vest top and a cute shirt to add some colour to the outfit! The shirt is 100% cotton and is super comfy to wear – the only problem I do have is that it’s pretty hard to iron! The Bird Print shirt is available on sale for £34.49 from PSYCHE.

Do you like the shirt? Or would it not be your choice?

Dolly’s Mixtures Pina Colada Shower Gel

I have a brand new love in my life and it comes in the form of a Pina Colada shower gel. Seriously, it just smells so so good! I first spotted the cute little dinky shower gels from Dolly’s Mixtures over on Instagram, did a little digging and soon found out that Dolly’s Mixtures are stocked at Asda – yay! A few days later I was off on a little bargain shopping trip and headed straight to the toiletry aisle (as if I needed an excuse?!). I know it’s sad but I couldn’t help but get excited when I discovered the Dolly’s Mixtures range staring back at me – cute vintage styled dinky bottles with an array of different scents – and you haven’t heard the best yet – only £1 each! I decided not to go too crazy and pick up all the shower gels at once, so I had a quick sniff of each and decided that Pina Colada was my favourite!

As I’m sure you are aware, Pina Colada is a very popular cocktail which reminds me of being on a sun kissed holiday, watching the hotel entertainment at night and sipping my Pina Colada! (Is it just me or are cocktails seriously stronger abroad?!). The shower gel is a creamy and thick formula which lathers up well, smells beautiful and I only need to use a small amount each time. I love the packaging of the Dolly’s Mixtures bottles, not to mention their quirky name – although googling it can take a while to scroll through all the dolly mixture sweets images! If I was to be very picky, the only negative I can find is that I’d prefer if the bottles were a little larger as they are quite dinky at 300ml, but the scent and packaging wins me over. You can also find Dolly’s Mixtures in different varieties of ‘Lemon Bon Bon’, ‘Rhubarb & Custard’, ‘Vanilla Cupcake’, ‘Lime Mojito’ ‘Candy Floss’, ‘Strawberry Daiquiri’, ‘Bucks Fizz’ and ‘Red Velvet Cupcake’ – I’m in shower gel heaven!

Have you spotted Dolly’s Mixtures yet?

Better than GHDS? Nicky Clarke DesiRED Hair Straightener

I need a big old drumroll in here please. I am about to introduce you to what I now consider a cheaper and better alternative to GHDs! Before I ramble on about the Nicky Clarke DesiRED hair straightener, I need to have a very small rant about GHD’s. GHD’s have been a part of my family for years, with my mum, sister and I all clambering to use them in the good old mornings of getting ready for school. Since then however I do feel that their quality has gone downhill, I have had to purchase two new pairs in just two years – both of which are now faulty and completely unusable. Considering they are over £100 each, I decided to end my relationship with GHD for good. Apologies if you’re a GHD lover, but I am one of those people that expects good quality and will complain otherwise ha!
I had to rock the ‘bed head’ look and go straightener free for a few days after the GHD’s conked out. However, in good old Asda, my mum rang me to say she had found a pair of hair straighteners reduced to just £28. Another customer even came up to her to tell her how good they were, so she snapped them up straight away! I must admit I was sceptical at first, I wondered for a lower price whether I was going to get the results I really wanted – and I shouldn’t have doubted for one second! When my mum bought the straighteners home, we quickly scrambled to get them switched on and see how they worked for ourselves. As you can see, the straighteners have a sleek design and a glossy red design. Nicky Clarke, if you are reading this, please release this straightener in an array of pastel colours, I beg of you!
So, how do the straighteners fare? Frickin’ brilliant, that’s how. They are super easy to set up, pressing a small on/off button on the inside of the straighteners, above which you’ll find the temperature gauge which heats up to 230C. You can also adjust the settings on whether your hair is fine, medium or thick. These straighteners have seriously impressed me. It literally took me two minutes to straighten all of my hair and I was left with a sleek, straight look which actually feels in a better condition than before I used it! If I was asked do they fare better than GHDs – my answer is yes. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, I can’t recommend these enough! The retail price of DesiRED is £81.99 and it seems I managed to get a complete bargain! Keep a look out in Asda for any reduced hair straighteners! I would still highly recommend for the retail price and if I needed to buy another pair, I would certainly be willing to splash out.
What hair straighteners do you use?

Aussie ‘Fresh Mate’ Body Wash Review

Did I need another shower gel? Of course not. Did I buy it anyway? Of course I did! You may know Aussie from the fabulous hair care range and they’ve now branched out into the body care sector, releasing a total of four different body washes. The four to choose from are ‘Shower Smoothie’, ‘Fresh Mate’, ‘Mega Watt’ and ‘No Rush’. Each shower gel comes in either a 250ml or 400ml bottle and after dithering at the stand for a while I decided to choose ‘Fresh Mate’ in a 400ml bottle as it was only 50p extra for the larger bottle. Of course I could have happily bought all four, but I managed to restrain myself.
I put this to the test last night as I was in the middle of washing my hair in the shower. Realising I’d left this in my handbag, I made a mad dash to grab my shower gel so I could put it to good use – I promise I had my towel on! So, onto the shower gel itself. ‘Fresh Mate’ is an everyday body wash, with eucalyptus extracts giving it a fresh scent. The scent itself smells similar to that gorgeous typical ‘Aussie smell’ and as you can see the packaging is very similar – so don’t go getting your products mixed up! After a busy day, this is the perfect shower gel to make me feel squeaky clean without an empowering scent and leaves me smelling lovely. The formula of the shower gel itself is thicker than I expected and doesn’t slip out of my hands the second I get some ready to apply. If you’re looking to treat yourself I can definitely recommend Aussie for their ‘Fresh Mate’ body wash. Next step – trying the next three!
Would you try an Aussie body wash?

My Favourtine Disney Instagram Accounts

I think Disneyfind has to be my all time favourite Instagram account. Every time there’s a new Disney product released, whether it’s a top in Primark, to stationery to pyjamas – anything Disney related will always be right here. Some Disney items can be very popular and sell out pretty quickly, so I love finding out about the new releases. If I bought everything, I’d have no pennies to my name but it doesn’t mean I can’t dream!
‘Disneyproductsuk’ is pretty much very similar to Disneyfind. I find that it’s always good to follow more than one account as sometimes we can miss out on things that other people find, so this way there’s no way of missing out on all the perfect new releases.
‘Inkeddisney’ is such a fabulous account. I have no tattoos and I don’t plan on having any as  I change my mind way too often! I could guarantee that in three months after a tattoo, I’d be wishing I had chosen a different design! As I’m sure you can guess, this account has loads of pictures of peoples tattoos based on Disney. I love seeing how creative people can be and seeing the Disney magic live on.
Scrolling through Instagram can give me many different images, so I love to make sure I’ve got my fix of Disney in there somewhere. ‘thedisneysclub’. The account doesn’t focus on specific things such as products or tattoos, instead focuses on all things Disney. You can find quotes, cupcakes, illustration, characters, rollercoasters and lots more. It’s perfect for brightening up your feed.
If there’s one thing that’s my lifelong dream then it’s to get married in Disney. It’s ridiculously expensive so unless I win the lottery, I can’t see it happening any time soon! So, I can dream about my happily ever after instead with the ‘disneyweddings’ account. It’s pretty much self explanatory, but there’s such cute pictures of dresses, cakes and ceremonies it’s too good to miss.
Do you have any favourite Instagram accounts?